With just a few quick data points, this site will give you the tools and input to plan amazing golf adventures in the US and Canada - taking the stress out of trip planning





Step 1 - Fill out the form below to the best of your ability (if you had all the answers, you wouldn't need me)


Step 2 - Submit the Form - Send It!

Step 3 - I'll get back to you with follow-ups and/or a sample itinerary

Note - this is meant to be a conversation and I want to understand your group the best that I can (a short form probably not going to do it). I'm sure I won't get it perfect the first time, so please share your thoughts and feedback so we can create the best possible trip for your group.

If you are here because you don't know where to start - just fire me a note with any details you can provide (form below).  Or visit "The Clubhouse" for discussion boards, ideas, trips starters and sample itineraries. This will be the constantly evolving hub for getting your next trip started.

If you are looking outside of the US or Canada - I'm probably not your guy as there are hundreds of services out there that have forgotten more courses than I'll ever know... but I DO want to hear about your trip once it is planned!

Get Your Trip Planning Started!

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