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2022 Epic Golf Trips

2022 Epic Golf Trips

Your buddies and gals need you. They need you to take them on an epic golf trip, but where?

This is not an exhaustive list but they're a jumping-off point. The courses and areas we've listed have more than one course so you're either on-site the entire time or jumping small distances to get to each course.

California Coast:
Day one - warm-up at Spanish Bay
Day two - play Pebble Beach (do yourself the favor and book everything through Pebble)
Day three - SpyGlass (get ready to have your ass handed to you

You can extend the trip and play Poppy Hills, which is in the same area.

If you're flying out of San Fran, stop and drop some bogeys at Pasatiempo.

This trip will set you back.

Oregon Coast:
Bandon Dunes...need we say more? No. And we won't

Yeah, that's right, we're recommending Wisconsin.

Day One - Erin Hills
Day Two - Lawsonia Links
Day Three through Five - Sand Valley

Do it all in one trip. You'll be exhausted but you won't be disappointed. And it's not going to cost you anywhere near what the Pebble trip will cost you.

It just feels weird to type Missouri as a golf destination, buuut....

Big Cedar Lodge - 5 courses right outside your cabin door. That's right, cabin door.

East Coast of Canada:
F$ckin' eh!

Cabot Cape Breton: Home of Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs. They'll blow your hair back. Seriously it gets windy.

Streamsong(s): Red, Black, Blue (what is what your feet will look like after walking these courses.

Kootenay's of BC: (Canada)
Not really the west coast but close.

Seven Courses within 24 minutes of each other...here are the top 5
St. Eugene
Bootleg Gap
Shadow Mountain
Trickle Creek

Interior of BC: (Canada)

Day One - Talking Rock
Day Two - Tobiano
Day Three through Four - Sagebrush (bring your fishing rod)

This should at least get the conversation started within your foursome or eightsome. FYI, Sagebrush lets you play in an eightsome. How you ask? They only have between 40 and 60 golfers on the course at any one time.

Happy planning!