I have been playing golf since I was 4, and I cannot get enough.  13 years ago, the group on the right decided we'd take a trip.  It was winter in the Midwest, and we needed to thaw someplace warm.  I took the reigns of that first trip, and I never gave them back.  This site and service exists because honestly, I'll never get to all the places I want to go (and have already planned).  That's where you come in.

So why is this service I'm offering free?  Simply because I love to do it, and I want to help you plan an amazing itinerary with your closest friends and family.


I'm hopeful that you find my services and ideas helpful, and maybe one day advertisers will see that I reach an audience that is attractive to advertise to.  But I never plan to charge my users. 

Ultimately, my dream is for this to be a forum for collaboration and golf planning discussion.  This will be the goal of "THE CLUBHOUSE"


Thank you for visiting, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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