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Andy Pope, The Rainman of US Open Qualifiers

Andy Pope, The Rainman of US Open Qualifiers

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before - who’s ranked in the 1100’s in the Official World Golf Rankings and is joining the world’s elite this week? Answer: The Pope, errr, Andy Pope.

Who is Andy Pope you may be asking?

A quick rundown:

  • turned pro in 2006
  • bona fide mini-tour grinder
  • played off/on the KFT since 2012, currently ranked #100 (and 1133rd in the world)

Why are we telling you about Andy Pope?

Pope has an incredible run of US Open qualifying over the past six years:

  • since 2015, qualified for 5 US Opens (no qualifying events in 2020)
  • actually made the cut in two - T70 (‘15), T58 (‘19)

He’s missed fewer cuts in the last six US Opens than he has on the KFT in May and June of 2021!

With last year’s event at Winged Foot not contesting qualifiers, he polished up his two Titleists and wrote the suits and toupees at the USGA for a special exemption based on his qualifying prowess.

NEWSFLASH: he was told to shine up his player's badges and shove....well, regardless we applaud the effort!

In what is always known as golf’s ultimate meritocracy, it’s guys like Mr. Pope that maintain that everyman type of feel that the US Open conjures up.

Is the Starter Shack cheering for guys like Andy? Does Pope Francis wear a big hat and speak Italian really well? We rest our case.