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Buy a Golf Course on Amazon

Buy a Golf Course on Amazon

Golf’s not the only thing booming during the pandemic. Apparently all y’all are pumping more money into Amazon than you are into your local golf course’s coffers.

So much so that Bezos is snapping up golf courses for...(drumroll, please)...fulfillment centers! Even with golf’s resurrection, it apparently can’t compete with taco sleeping bags.

Instead of filling tee sheets, some courses will be filling Amazon orders.

Bezos spent $350 million purchasing a golf course to store all those Chia Pets being procured:

  • 111 acres
  • 3.8 million square feet
  • Unlimited tee times orders

Amazon isn’t restricted like golf courses are:

  • Seasonal play
  • Only open during daylight hours
  • Limited tee times
  • Finite goods and services
  • Pro shop’s $25 glove -> $20 on Amazon

Amazon sells a vast amount of products 24/7 365 days a year.

Even with a small spike in rounds played over the past year, golf simply can’t compete:

  • 5 million fewer golfers today than in 2005
  • 2,400 courses have closed since 2006

With golf courses taking up massive acreage, they are prime real estate for developers to build warehouses.

Let’s hope you weren’t waking up to birds chirping and grass being cut, only to now suffer the indignity of a delivery truck’s back up alarm endless droning on.