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Discovery Land Company..Discover How Little Money You Actually Have

Discovery Land Company..Discover How Little Money You Actually Have

The CJ Cup is being played this week in Las Vegas at The Summit Club after slumming it last year at Shadow Creek(home of the $750 tee time).

With backing from the Discovery Land Company, this place (and its affiliated properties) are more exclusive than a ride on Tiger Woods yacht.

You may be wondering just who in tarnation is this “Discovery Land Company”?

Well, they appear to have amassed a federal reserve-esque fortune and bought up every property on earth that is used to make million dollar postcard views. Just a few examples:

  • Bakers Bay: your sun-splashed Bahamian paradise. Complete with a marina village reminiscent of something out of a Disney movie. Home of the first #SB2K trip for Speith, Thomas, Fowler, and Kaufman, and later Kaufman’s wedding.
  • Gozzer Ranch: play golf/baseball go waterskiing in the summer and skate on the ponds all winter, in this Idaho wonder. Also, a Wayne Gretzky get-away.
  • Madison Club: hobnob with the rich (obviously) and the famous. We’ve heard reports that Raymond...from Everybody Loves Raymond is a member here.
  • Kukio: Aloha! This Big Island course is accompanied by a 10 hole short course closer to the Kukio Bay. If you’re not on the course, you’re riding waves...or why even get a place here brah.
  • Troubadour: this may be the only property where picking a banjo is okay. You can also go fishing, horseback riding, catch a live show from some Nashville star, and we even hear the golf is pretty good. Ask Justin Thomas, he spends a lot of time here.
  • Silo Ridge: farmhouse chic, need we say more to summarize the look and feel of this place. 800 acres in the Hudson Valley...just reeks of money.

If this hasn’t depressed you enough, you can also check out all the other locales one thumbnail at a time.

Seems that Tom Fazio has also amassed a small gold brick collection in all of this as he designed most, if not all, of the courses you are currently drooling over.

You may be wondering, how do I, a mere mortal, gain access to these wonderful sun-splashed spots. Well, first off, you need acres of money, (yes, acres) in that your Benjamins need to blanket several acres of land in order to gain access to these haunts.