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ePGA Tour; These Guys Golf In Chairs

ePGA Tour; These Guys Golf In Chairs

ePGA Tour, these guys are..umm. Next on the...errr.  Fore please, next in the chair!

Will we see the rise of the next Tiger Woods via The ePGA Tour?

The arrival of the DJ’s and Koepka’s of the world seemingly settled the debate on whether golfers are athletes or not (Tim Herron would chime in, but he is consuming a second lunch).

A new discussion, however, may arise soon:

Can staying home staring at a screen replicate some actual golf experiences (minus, of course, the actual sights, smells and other delights that golf offers)?

Can real money be made “playing golf”, all without leaving the comfy confines of a Chesterfield?

Welcome to the world of eSports:

  • Competitive, organized video game play via leagues/major worldwide events
  • Millions of players; hundreds of millions of viewers (via live events, TV and streaming)
  • Billions of dollars available through tournaments/sponsorships
  • Revenues $1B+ annually; explosive growth expected
  • Fortnite, Call of Duty and Madden NFL are examples of top eSport games

eSports are booming with today’s youth; will the PGA Tour use them to promote fan engagement?

With Tiger’s new PGA Tour 2K21 from EA Sports, a series of improvements may drive the game towards eSports:

  • Play Career Mode - mimic Tour players climb through the ranks
  • Real-world courses, equipment/apparel and known Tour players
  • In-game earned currency used to improve player’s game
  • Large community already engaged with online Tour tournaments and “season”

This all sounds like a perfect storm for the burgeoning eSports world.

You can play individual tournaments (daily fix) or participate in a simulated race for the FedEX PlayStation Cup.

With PGA Tour 2K21, there’s also the ability to create courses, or recreate courses that aren’t in the official game due to licensing issues. So, yes, you can unofficially import Augusta National, Pine Valley or Cypress Point for an afternoon leisure round.

Perhaps this course design feature can be leveraged to create an eSport entry for “Golf Course eDesigner of the Year” sponsored by the estate (and haunted by the ghost) of Pete Dye himself. The options are limitless!