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Epic Golf Set For British Columbia

Epic Golf Set For British Columbia

Epic. Grand. Monumental. Expansive. Bucket List. Humbling. Just some of the descriptors for the golf courses set to open in British Columbia. Humbling is what they’ll do to our golfing egos.

There are two courses set to open in British Columbia:

Interestingly enough, both courses have been touched by the hand of Rod...Whitman. You thought I was going to say god, didn’t you?

Sagebrush originally opened to critical acclaim in 2009 on Nicola Lake in Quilchena, BC. Its sprawling 389-acre layout was a collaboration between Rod Whitman, Richard Zokol, and Armen Suny. It fell into financial troubles in 2014. Was due to reopen in 2016 under Troon Golf. It never did. Cue the trumpets...until now.

In 2017, Sagebrush was ranked #23 in Canada, even though it had been closed for 3 years.

Down the road, across the lake, through the valley, and over the mountain range, you’ll come to the first tee at Cabot Pacific. Brought to you by the folks who brought you Cabot Links (Mike Keiser of Bandon Dunes fame, and Ben Cowan-Dewar of...Cabot Links fame).

Interestingly enough (I feel like I’ve typed something similar already) Rod Whitman also designed Cabot Links. I feel a theme growing here.

The design firm Whitman, Axland and Cutten have been hired to design and construct Cabot Pacific set atop some exquisite topography.

“There are some natural features that are pretty spectacular, seven and eight are set against that dramatic gorge. When I first saw it, I thought . . . well, you never want to mention names, but it reminded me of Cypress Point. But instead (of the ocean) it’s in the mountains.”
         — Rod Whitman (Golf Digest)

This isn’t the last post you’ll read about these two courses.

As Sagebrush nears its opening we’ll be providing a deep dive into its history, its infamy, what the short-term/long-term plans are. And, yes, we’ll begrudgingly sacrifice a weekend to play it so we can report back...photos of the scorecard and all.