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Golf Is Back...Errr, Maybe?

Golf Is Back...Errr, Maybe?

Golf is back! Maybe. Fingers crossed.

It’s been beat into our head that golf is making a comeback, and it has...kind of. The pandemic created the perfect storm (not ideally perfect):

  • People couldn’t travel
  • Some people lost their job (more time on their hands)
  • People wanted to be outside
  • Social distancing was/is required

Enter golf, with it’s big breazy wide open spaces n’stuff.

There were some big year-over-year numbers that came out:

  • 24.8 million people played golf in 2020
  • May - 6.2% increase
  • June - 13.9%
  • July - 19.7%
  • August - 20.6%

That’s a lot of green fees but those aren’t the big numbers. The big number comes from beginner golfers at 3 million, a new record in the US. These new golfers need clubs, bags, gloves, balls, ball retrievers. Cha-ching!

Will these newly purchased clubs collect dust in a garage once the pandemic subsides.

If these golfers are anything like us, they’ve been bitten by the bug, and subsequently, a nasty 40 yard slice. If memory serves right, they’ll have night terrors for two weeks while they obsessively try to cure it.