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Golf Is On Vacation!

Golf Is On Vacation!

Wow, what an incredibly slow week in professional golf in general (we couldn’t even rip off the good stuff from Golf Digest or Golf this week, Boo-urns!).

It is like everybody is on vacation, avoiding work and responsibilities, including us.

The annual rites of fall are here:

  • FedEx Cup playoff and PGA Tour wraparound season...Done!
  • Annual USA vs. Europe event...completed and another soon to start
  • An awkward, newsless, single week off until a new PGA Tour season starts. Hello Napa wines!
  • Middle age bozos, full of booze and unrealistic golf goals, getting a last round in with buddies (we try not to write about ourselves but we can’t help it)

There are bound to be a down week or two (literally), and here we are. We know have some time to fill our heads with some new knowledge, some great reads, or some best-of lists to help us plan that next awesome trip with the boys, err, we mean the missus and the in-laws (yeah, yeah, that’s what we meant).

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