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His Driver had two degrees more loft than a putter!

His Driver had two degrees more loft than a putter!

Bryson DeChambeau teased the golfing public that he was testing out a “secret weapon”. It didn’t help, unless he “secretly” won the Masters.

He probably should have had a fairway seeking driving iron or a set of scoring clubs that actually, well, helped him score. His secret weapon:

  • A driver tweaked down to 4.2 degrees
  • Two 3 woods, one of which was 10.5 degrees another just 3 degrees loftier.
  • 6-W Cobra King Forged Tour One Length
  • No information on his wedges….his GIR stats are starting to make sense now.

On the flip side of this flat faced driver lunacy, was Justin Rose sporting a set found in most bargain bins. Albeit a really good/expensive bargain bin. The positives of not being under an equipment contract.

Justin Rose’s “secret weapons”:

  • TaylorMade M1 440 driver (released in 2017)
  • His new by comparison Mizuno MP-20 irons (circa 2019)
  • Titleist Tour Balata TaylorMade TP5

Think about this; Rose had a putter that had 2 degrees of loft, while Dechambeau’s driver had 4.2 degrees. You don’t have to be on acid to trip out on that information.

The results speak for themselves (Rose vs. DeChambeau)

  • Fairways - 37/56 (68%) vs. 31/56 (55%)
  • GIR - 50/72 (69%...nice) vs. 44/72 (61%) even though he was hitting in with shorter clubs...way shorter clubs.
  • Putting - 1.65 putts/hole (4 three putts) vs. 1.69 putts/hole (5 three putts)
  • Driving Distance - 292.3 yards (longest drive - 323 yds) vs. 322.8 yards (longest drive - 345 yds)

Final Position - 7th place vs T-46 (no matter if it is playing as par 72 or a par 67...sick burn)

This is a course known to be a second shot course, yet there is an unrelenting need for DeChambeau to try and bludgeon Augusta National and submit it to his scientific method of golf.

There is something to be said for experience around certain tracks and using one’s feel.

There is an exception to every rule...enter Will Zalatoris. No experience. Yet he strutted the fairways of Augusta with a Mick Jagger-like swagger.

Note to self: explain to Will who Mick Jagger is.