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Hit & Giggle Season

Hit & Giggle Season

Golf’s Silly Season is here. Much like a San Francisco summer, it's short-lived.

From a few months at the end of the old golf season, these money-grab “hit and giggles” have been replaced by over-hyped single pay-per-view contests.

“The Match(es)” isn’t a unique phenomenon from the past 2.5 year; the idea of having players compete in a more “fun” setting has been around decades:

Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf

  • original ran from 1961-1970, mostly head-to-head stroke play contests
  • revived from 1994-2003 by Golf Channel through Nicklaus Productions
  • intimate with player’s dialog throughout, condensed into an hour for network TV
  • often featured superstars of the day competing for bragging rights

Skins Game

  • ran from 1983-2008, in Nov/Dec during old tour “off-season”
  • 4 players, match play, win a hole outright for a skin (ties lead to carry overs)
  • mic’ed up players, laid back vibe -> aka “Silly Season” monicker
  • Fred Couples is Mr. Skin(s) -> 5 wins, $4.4M, 77 skins overall

Monday Night Golf

  • ran from 1999-2005, revived for 2012, all involved Tiger Woods
  • played in Prime Time on a Monday night, variety of one-on-one and team events
  • winners took home lion’s share of prize money

The Match(es)

  • four made-for-TV matches thus far: $10M match (Phil vs. Tiger), plus three team events
  • Phil has played all (2-2 record), $9M winnings (all-time Silly Season winnings leader)
  • last three events for charity (Covid-19 relief, HBCU, Feeding America)

KP for the deed to your vacation home!

While debatably entertaining, what would make things truly interesting is if a series were created where these millionaires put their own millions at stake….you know, like us mere mortals haggling over a bar tab after the round.