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It's a real buzzer-beater on the 18th green

It's a real buzzer-beater on the 18th green

Apparently, not all golf fans want to sit for hours and watch a full telecast. Weird.

Buzzer, which is not at all a golf term, has recently joined forces with the PGA Tour to offer up its “micro viewing” technology to golf fans, coming in May of 2021.

With Buzzer’s technology, one no longer needs to be glued to the television in order to catch the page-turning action from that day.

Buzzer has mastered:

  • condensing the “good” action into bite-size clips for today’s attention deficient youth/adults
  • customizable alerts are directed to the user’s phone
  • these clips can be downloaded, if desired, and viewed for a small fee (e.g. 99 cents)
  • this technology is expected to grow at least 23% by 2023

The advantages to the consumption of the golf in this manner:

  • only get desired highlights of the round or watching live snippets on demand
  • customizable so Robert Streb fans can view all his shots during the day
  • no more listening during the inevitable downtime(s) during a telecast
  • eliminates the constant TV remote switching between different channels that have become commonplace for sports fans for years.
  • weight gain, plugged arteries and outgrowing your good sweatpants are minimized

Younger fans are more inclined to catch highlights over full games or the year-long race for the FedEX Cup.

Having the bite size clips of live action to watch gives sports fans their fix. It also removes the FOMO that comes with waiting to catch highlights later in the day.

It’s win-win, unless you still pine for that butt groove massage in the recliner.