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Koepka Making Love In A Canoe

Koepka Making Love In A Canoe

We anticipated a Mayweather vs Paul blood bath in Miami Gardens, Fla this past weekend. What we didn't expect was a Friday Night RAW between Koepka and Dechambeau.

Koepka and his sponsor MichelobULTRA were sending cases of free near-beer to anyone "whose time got cut short at the Memorial". Maybe your eyes are just as bad as Rickie Fowlers and you can't read between the lines.

Anyone caught shouting Brooksie at Dechambeau and got ousted by the bike patrol was being awarded a cool case of brown water.

Do we condone this behavior? Absolutely not. Are we entertained?! 100%. Golf could use a little public rivalry. Which got us thinking.

Are dufus and goofus smarter than we think? Are these two working together to snag some of that $40 million from the Player Impact Program? They're definitely getting a lot of engagement.

If we see them making love in a canoe it should be a dead giveaway. Since you brought up making love in a canoe...

WARNING: if you were awarded a case of MichelobULTRA we can tell you right now, from experience, it's like making love in a canoe...it's f%#king near water.