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Local Muni Destroyed By Pro

Local Muni Destroyed By Pro

We briefly noted earlier in the week that Bubba Watson played a local municipal track in Scottsdale as part of a Golf Digest article to figure out the age old question:

What would a touring pro shoot at your local course?

The course - Starfire Golf Club in Scottsdale:

  • 6,106 yards, rating 72.3, slope 124
  • 1000 yards shorter than an average PGA stop
  • 18-hole main course, 9-hole loop called the Mulligan 9 (teaser: our kinda place!)
  • Now word on whether Bubba had to un-velcro his wallet and pony up the $36 green fee

The above numbers don’t seem daunting and that’s the point

  • Average Joe hits his drive about 220 yards
  • At that distance, USGA recommends playing anywhere from 5,800 - 6,000 yards

Combing through the story/infographics, Bubba’s round distilled:

  • shot 62 (8 birdies, 1 eagle, 2 bogeys, 7 pars)
  • Average drive - 325.8 yards
  • ~68 feet of made putts, longest was 30 feet, many short tap ins
  • Longest approach to par 5 was a 5-iron (second shot on 559 yard hole!)

A casual round 62 is impressive enough, but get a load of the description of some shots he hit:

  • 350-yard “nice, easy cut” tee ball
  • piercing 310-yard “stinger” on the #1 handicap hole
  • 300-yard drive into a three-club wind
  • a 198-yard 6-iron (worked 30 yards left to right), hit to 15 feet, reaching a par 5 in two

No word if our famous pity mulligans or 3 putt maximum rules were invoked, but we feel they may have been absent, much like the above shot descriptions in our game.

At the round’s conclusion, Bubba exclaimed “Probably could have been lower, but you don’t want to disrespect a course”. We couldn’t agree more Mr. Watson (as we knowingly reach into our bag to grab one of the beers we snuck on the course that day).