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Michael Jordan makes beer fly

Gone are the wobbly tired beer carts, replaced by sleek drones that can deliver your beer order no matter where you are on the course.
Michael Jordan makes beer fly

The crown jewel of Michael Jordan’s legacy might be The Grove XXIII, that sprawls across an old citrus grove near Hobe Sound in Florida.

The golf course itself is a stunning piece of work by Bobby Weed Golf Design. It’s not your typical 9 out 9 in routing. No, no, it’s laid out in a double helix formation offering a variety of playing scenarios.

Four nine/nine combinations or three to six-hole loops, which would be perfect to settle any bets still tied on the 18th green.


There are a lot of reasons to beg for an invitation to No. 23’s playground— gorgeous golf course, state-of-the-art clubhouse, rubbing elbows with celebs, and drone delivered beer.

Here comes the beer drone has a different ring to it than here comes the beer cart. It’s a one upmanship that Jordan has been doing his entire professional life...

  • Food & beverage delivery by drone
  • 35 MPH golf carts
  • Caddies on fat tire scooters
  • Less than 100 members
  • Receive a Championship ring if you eagle No. 6...seriously

Like his 6 & 0 record on the court, we expect this venture to be a slam dunk. Come on we had to slip in one basketball pun!

Mickelson just moved into the area from California which leads us to believe betting is allowed on Bushwood The Grove XXIII property.