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Mike Davis Faces His Own Criticism...As A Caddy

Mike Davis Faces His Own Criticism...As A Caddy

Anybody looking for a US Open marker? Not the commemorative mementos from the souvenir shop.

We’re talking about a non-competing playing partner for a player sitting DFL but still making the cut.

In the US Open, an unpaired player making the cut (but DFL), has the option of playing with someone:

  • Due to an odd number of players making the cut
  • Mimics a normal pairing
  • Technically they “mark” down the competing player’s score
  • Ultimate goal -> stay out of the competitive player’s way

Jason Gore was paired with rookie Akshay Bhatia for Saturday’s round at Torrey Pines. Jason Gore? Who?

  • In final pairing at 2005 US Open
  • Currently the USGA’s player relations director

Wait, it gets crazier - Gore’s caddie was none other than outgoing USGA CEO Mike Davis.

This was probably the most helpful thing Davis has ever done at a US Open. Considering his penchant in butchering US Opens with his heavy handed course setups.

This also must be the only time ever that somebody smiled in Davis’ presence for over three straight hours.


Prior to the round, Gore told Bhatia:

  • tee off first every hole if preferred, ditto when putting out first
  • Gore was willing to just pick up his ball when putting to maintain pace

Factoid 1: Gore shot +6, far from Saturday’s worst score

Factoid 2: Bhatia and Gore grew up in the same town (Valencia, CA) and Bhatia remembers Gore practicing at the local course during his playing days.