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Pro hits wrong ball, Titleist investigates

Pro hits wrong ball, Titleist investigates

We've been known to hit a Pinnacle Gold into the bush and finish the hole with a Pro-V1. Mark it a par, dude. That's how we roll.

Apparently this is a big no no when you're playing for more than lukewarm PBR's at the turn. And if you're Mark Hensby, it can be quite costly.

After dumping his third shot into the water at the fourth hole (sounds very familiar), Hensby dropped a ball and continued to play. He played four more holes with the same ball until he noticed his ball was not his ball.

Here's where it gets interesting.

He apparently picked up a fellow pro's ball on the putting green. Much like but nothing like when we pack our bag with range balls at fancy country clubs we never get invited to.

It gets even more interesting.

Hensby didn't come to this conclusion on his own. Titleist all but hired the CIA (no they didn't) to conduct an investigation into where this mystery ball came from.

They were worried that a rogue ball might have found its way into the wrong sleeve. That would've been a marketing nightmare but hey...

Any press is good press right?

Not if your players have to assess a two-stroke penalty to their score for every hole they played with the wrong ball. In Hensby's case...that would've been five.

Which equals 10 strokes and keeps Hensby's 5-year missed cut streak alive and kicking.

We feel very optimistic that we would've dumped a fourth ball in the water at the fourth and never known that we hit the wrong ball in the first place. It pays to suck sometimes.