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Robin Hood, Men With Clubs

Robin Hood, Men With Clubs

From the outside Congaree Golf Club looks like any other elitist golf club. Built by two billionaires Dan Friedkin and the late Robert McNair. Who happen to be the only official members.

On the inside, it’s home to a life altering golf camp like no other for financially disadvantaged high school students.

The site of this week's PGA Tour event, Congaree is home to the Congaree Global Golf Initiative (CGGI). According to PGATour.com, it’s a program that transforms lives via equal parts education and game-improvement, with the aim of getting kids college golf scholarships

What do these kids experience:

  • Golf instruction
  • Club fittings
  • TPI assessment and personalized exercises
  • Guidance on the mental aspect of golf

That’s just the golf aspect. This program is also geared towards getting them golf scholarships...the legit way...you know, by knowing stuff.

CCGI provides:

  • SAT prep
  • Time-management
  • college placement

“What I like about it is we’re helping kids make a decision to commit to education,” says CGGI Executive Program Director Bruce Davidson.

Seeing students move on to top colleges, Davidson is planning to expand the CGGI model to other parts of the world.

So let us throw this out there—if someone doesn’t have their GED are they eligible...no matter their age? Asking for a friend.