Thank You & Welcome.

You just dropped a 25 foot downhill-left-to-right-slider. Walking this in like Kevin Na.

Wondering what you got yourself into?

Well, imagine if every Tuesday morning Ryan Reynolds cozied up to you and read some refreshingly witty (our words) golf news with a cheeky smile and a “I may have slept with your mom last night” look in his eye.*

If you want to check out past emails....just tap it in.

Also, here's a photo of Willie Nelson in shortie shorts and what appears to be a mock, sleeveless t-shirt...that he's tucked in...cause that's classy.

Have a question? Have ideas? Maybe you just want to find out why Willie is wearing shortie shorts?

*Ryan Reynolds will not be reading your golf news. And we're sorry, we don't know if he slept with your mom or not.