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The “Professional” Amateur Golfer...A Day In The Life.

The “Professional” Amateur Golfer...A Day In The Life.

What, or rather, who is a Mid-Am?

We were deliriously hoping it was for folks with a middle of the road handicap like ours (an 18-ish, yeah, that works):

  • player must be 25 years (or older) when the competition starts, no age maximum
  • a USGA handicap index of 3.4 or lower (one point higher than the US Amateur)
  • opportunity for slightly older golfers to compete at a high level
  • removes college players/younger amateurs who have plenty of strong competitions
  • winner gets a Masters and US Open invite as well as the next two US Amateurs

Stewart Hagestad won this year’s contest, the same lanky stalk that won the event in 2016. With a record of 20-3 in this event, he’s more clinical than the proctologist who’s appointment you keep avoiding.

  • Played numerous US Amateurs, played in every one since he was in college
  • Played in 3 US Opens (2017-19)
  • Played in 2017 Masters, first Mid-Am qualifier to make the cut (finished T-36)
  • Currently completing his MBA at USC after a career in

These are (somewhat) regular guys/gals that have normal day jobs that carry very low, competitive handicaps.

They are business folk, they are often family-centric, and they can be linked by one attribute - they can beat the living daylights out of virtually any amateur player their age in the world.

A smattering of the jobs and some descriptions of the modes of employments these folks have:

  • Property manager - “although (I) don’t work a whole lot”
  • Financial planner - very common job, and of course, clients love meeting “on course”
  • Sales rep - flexible time to work on their game
  • Insurance business
  • Firefighter
  • Tour manager for punk rock band

Here’s to the Buddy Marucci’s, Nathan Smith’s and Stewart Hagestad’s of the world for upholding the majesty of the amateur side of the game. We’ll hold down Men’s Night for you.

These folks all work, then practice like it’s a second paying job, all without the glory of a million-dollar payday or endorsement deal.