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There are things you should and shouldn't do on the golf course...one—don't take a 13 on a par 3, two—don't give golf tips to a former LPGA player, three—don't fart in your spacesuit (that's definitely an "off" the golf course shouldn't).

🤯 Two pros have Chernobyl like meltdowns

🧐 Never give golf tips on Tinder

🍺 He took a 13 on a par 3 (we're talking about a pro here)

⛳️ Finchem "borrowed" an idea from Norman


Finchem Vs Norman Vs The WGC

The literal shine of the Olympic Golf medal ceremonies has worn off...enter the World Golf Championship this past weekend in Memphis.

The World Golf Championships were the brainchild of Tim Finchem, who, ahem, borrowed the idea from Greg Norman’s idea of a World Golf Tour (WGT) in the mid-1990s.

The plan was for a large group of high profile, global golf tournaments that brought the leading golfers on different tours together more regularly.

  • Norman recognized the globalization of golf, proposed the WGT
  • World’s top 30 playing eight select, non-PGA Tour sanctioned events
  • large, guaranteed purses, heavily backed by network broadcast partner FOX

As imagined, this was as popular as a fart in a spacesuit with PGA Tour brass (not unlike the stink caused by the proposed Super League Golf)

In response, Finchem threatened to punish players participating in any World Golf Tour events, again, similar to the response to the Super League Golf. In the wake of this dust-up, the PGA Tour proposed with the idea of the WGCs in 1997, commencing in 1999:

  • No cuts, substantial guaranteed paydays
  • Small, elite field based mostly on Official World Golf Rankings
  • Winnings count on PGA and European Tours, awarded OWGR points
  • Initially comprised of 4 events: Championship, Match Play, Invitation and World Cup
  • Recent events consist of: Championship, Match Play, Invitational and Champions

Sounds similar to the World Golf Tour, huh? If you listen hard enough, you can probably hear Greg Norman still grinding his teeth in anger over this.

Initially most, if not all WGC events were played on American soil, thus they were as “worldy” as the World Series in reality.

  • Recently events have been played in America, China and Mexico
  • PGA Tour schedule change has only two WGC events (Match Play, Champions)
  • Three co-sanctioned events with European Tour

In spite of all pissing contests along the way, the overall point behind the WGT/WGC events was to bring a broader, global reach to the game. Mission Accomplished.

Just don’t expect Greg Norman to invite Tim Finchem over to his new house in Palm Beach, unless it is for a heated game of South Park’s version of Roshambo.


  • She wasn't supposed to win: from 63rd seed to number 1, Jensen Castle claimed the US  Women's Amateur. She hadn't played competitive golf since July 8th because of a stress fracture in her ribs—went out in 79 and came back to create stress fractures in so many minds.
  • Meltdown for the ages: Bryson and Harris battled inner and outer demons on their way to a combined plus 11 back nine. WTF! 6 over and 5 over disrespectfully! Bryson was getting bullied and Harris was getting brandished with slow-play warnings. It sounds like a regular round on a public course if we can be honest. Heckling, too many beers, slow play because we can't quite reach our ball in the water with our ball retriever...and on and on and on.
  • By the hair on his chinny chin chin: actually the string of a rules officialis what determined whether DeChambeau's ball was inbounds or not when it was wedged under the OB fence. He got a free drop and then proceeded to hit the ball 22 yards...terrible use of a mulligan. Are you tired of hearing about DeChambeau...let us know: news@thestartershack.com.
  • A 13 on a par 3: Si Woo Kim takes a 13 on a par 3. We would expect this type of play from Carmin (with an i) after having too many spritzers during ladies league but from a pro? Wow. Here is a quick visual of what this one hole looked like. How long does it take to play 13 shots on one par three? About 3 beer.
  • Never give golf tips on Tinder: there's this thing called Mainsplaining (let us quickly explain what that is...it's when a man explains something to a woman in a condescending manner assuming she didn't know anything about the subject). Well, Todd from IT tried to give a former LPGA Tour pro golf tips...on Tinder. He's from IT, we consider him socially awkward...let us explain what that means...
  • So many courses in Pinehurst N.C.: we used to think Pinehurst was a golf course until Golf Week mainsplained that Pinehurst in N.C. has soooo many golf courses. Like, so many. Like, 15 public tracks.
  • Putting is oh so important: Aditi Ashok gained 13 strokes putting on her 59 competitors during the 72 holes of competitive play at the Olympics. Her drives were usually 20-40 yards shorter than her playing partners but she absolutely dominated on the greens.


The Blue Hair Mafia: this is what the gangs used to look like in Palm Springs. We were there last week and let us tell you, the gangs haven't changed much except they drive fancier golf carts. Pastel polyester is still the clear sign of a fully pledged member.


We're showing you the golf clubs Abraham Ancer used to win over the weekend for one reason and one reason only...they're pretty.

DRIVER: Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS (8.5 degrees), with Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue 60 TX shaft

FAIRWAY WOODS: TaylorMade SIM2 Max (15 degrees), with Project X Evenflow Riptide 70 X; TaylorMade M2 (18 degrees), with Matrix VLCT St 105 shaft

IRONS: Srixon ZX (4), Miura TC-201 (5-PW), with Mitsubishi MMT 105 TX shafts

WEDGES: Miura HB-10 (52 degrees), Artisan prototype (56, 60 degrees), with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 Onyx shafts

PUTTER: Odyssey White Hot No. 5 Stroke Lab

BALL: Titleist Pro V1


Not all records are created equal: these two aren't bragging about shooting 34 under par, they're bragging about shooting a billion over par on par 3's & 4's. Welcome to everyone else's golf game on planet earth, gents.


Sun Mountain Kube travel cover

Yes, somehow, this is a golf travel bag. Last we checked our clubs weren't square or made for ants but apparently, this extends into an actual golf travel bag.

Holy sh*t, we just visited the website...it actually IS a golf travel bag. I guess we should retract the press release we sent out calling Sun Mountain a bunch of liars.  

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