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From playing with LeBron to playing with a bunch of kids. JR Smith is going to learn a thing or two about patience.

🛌 Is the Bryson Brooks feud over?

😟 Plays US Open, may lose tour card

🍺 From the NBA to collegiate golf

⛳️ Worst golf course conditions...EVER!


The Road From The NBA to College Golf

Who Shot J.R.? Good question if you were an 80s night time soap opera junkie.

What did J.R. shoot? A suddenly apt question in the not too distant future.

In case you haven’t heard, veteran NBA player J.R. Smith has returned to college to pursue some higher education.

J.R. Smith, the basketball player, as the world knows (or perhaps doesn’t):

  • Signed to play basketball at the University of North Carolina (BTW: Go To Hell Duke)
  • Skipped college altogether, drafted 18th overall in the 2004 NBA Draft
  • Played 16 seasons for a variety of NBA teams, won two championships
  • Famously doesn’t like wearing shirts at championship parades

All this to say that J.R could have taken his approximately $90M in career earnings, simply retired, played golf as a leisurely pursuit, all while sipping on some Hennesey cognac.

Although not officially retired, his 16 years of professional basketball has left him yearning to pursue a college degree and potentially start up a collegiate golf career while on campus.

  • Currently pursuing a liberal studies degree at North Carolina A&T University
  • Not on scholarship, looking to walk on to the golf team, paying his own way
  • Last hurdle was cleared recently, when Smith was cleared to compete by the NCAA

This isn’t just a matter of a celebrity athlete looking to make news, the dude is a good golfer:

  • Been playing for ~12 years, started to dramatically improve in the last 5-6 years
  • Currently plays off a 5-handicap, strength of his game is length of the tee
  • Never had a coach, improved by mimicking tips he watched on Golf Channel
  • Dustin Johnston’s assessment -> “He can play. Fact.”

His first classroom assignment this week was where he sees himself in 5 years. His vision involves getting more kids, especially girls (he has four daughters), involved in all levels of golf. Bravo J.R, well put, we can all get behind that attitude.

One piece of advice for Mr. Smith - even though there is no clock like there is in basketball, don’t lose track of the score...this is equally important in golf. Lebron James, and your new 20-something teammates, thank you in advance.


  • Stricker tucks DeChambeau & Brooksy in: Stricker says that their feud has been put to bed. We're not sure if he's been watching the same feud as the rest of the world but this is not something that just vanishes overnight. No, this releases like a geyser late on Sunday with fists 'a flyin'. Our take anyway.
  • Who got the boot: these, usually steady steeds, got the boot from the FedEx Cup Playoffs. We're not naming names but when Kuchar goes: WD-MC-MC-MC-MC-T29-MC we say, Byyyyeeee.
  • Professional Poker player draws the nuts: Dustin Denzik shot a 10 under 60 in a pre-qualifier for Korn Ferry Tour Q School. This should make us happy, if he can do it so can we. But we know that's a lie. Moving on.
  • Plays US Open, loses PGA Tour card: or so it seems. Korn Ferry Tour player lives out a childhood dream to play in the US Open only for it to "maybe" backfire in his face. We played in our Club Championship one time and got so drunk (cause we came last) that we didn't make our Men's League tee time...two days later. Same Same.


The European Tour is climbing mountains in Switzerland at the Omega European Masters.


Our new ball retriever.


Supposedly, a professional golf tournament is taking place here. The Club Pro Guy and his trusty Super, Miguel, are real!



Eye so want these wedges! Now when they market them as GLIDE, does that mean they glide through the rough? Or the sand? Or the weeds? How about off cart paths? Most importantly, do they GLIDE out of ones hand and into the pond like our North Western wedges?

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