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We've attended Men's Night and have woken up in a bunker caressing the fake coyote standing sentry over the pond on 16, but never have we flown to the wrong city. That would just be embarrassing.

👗 Craig Stadler wears moomoo...kind of

✈️ Korn Ferry Pro flew to the wrong city, in the wrong state

💰 $5k for a used 3-wood that may or may not be broken

⛳️  Golf is becoming overly elite!


Fishing For FedEx Cup Millions

The winner of the FedEx Cup Playoffs is awarded $15M. Just think of what you could do with that kind of cheddar.

Cameron Smith, after pondering this possibility, thought that he would likely buy some more fishing gear.

Seriously, Mister Smith is so financially set in his own mind that he really had no immediate needs nor wants with the potential windfall from a lights out four days at East Lake.

The overall prize money and its payout has undergone some significant changes since the inception of the FedEx Cup playoffs, and we were curious about the details:

  • Initially, prize money for the winner was $10M, but not paid out in total cash
  • Money was placed into tax-deferred retirement accounts, not accessible until age 45
  • Players could however dictate how the money was invested
  • At age 45, players had the option of further deferring payments until age 60
  • Once a player decides to take payments, he gets monthly payments for 5 years

This sounds like one hell of a top up on top of the already excellent PGA Tour pension plan currently in place!

Due to some unforeseen legislative issues with deferred retirement plans, the PGA Tour made some changes in 2008:

  • top 10 finishers were paid mostly with cash, small amount into player’s retirement fund
  • Outside the top 10 finishers, paid entirely into retirements funds

Starting in 2019, the playoff payoff was increased substantially:

  • $15M to the winner, $5M to second, $4M to third, $3M to fourth and so on
  • Winner of the FedEx Cup is awarded a 5-year exemption on tour

Fun fact: after Tiger won in 2007, there was a conservative estimate that if he won 6 more playoffs under the deferred retirement model, he would amass a $1B retirement fund at age 60!

Cam Smith could buy all the lures and fishing rods he wanted, plus a boat, and a lodge on the lake to store everything. Heck, he could even buy the lake.


  • Kevin Kisner has zero F's to give: and he tells an outspoken fan as much. A patron asked why Kisner layed up and Kisner didn't hesitate with his response. We'd like to see Kevin interact with fans after a few Mezcals and a shank that goes OB.
  • He flew to the wrong state: Lucas Herbert wanted to go to Columbus, Ohio to play in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship but he booked his ticket for Columbus, Georgia. Reports have stated that they did not relocate the tournament to Georgia to accommodate Herbet.
  • Caddie Sets Sprinting Record: Xander visited the little boy's room and forgot his putter so his caddie performed the 600-yard dash and retrieved it from the latrine. Question: what if this happened at Augusta? They have a strict no running policy, so what's the protocol here?
  • Tour Pro forced to hit driver on par 3: Craig Stadler was asked to hit driver on a 169-yard par 3 during a charity event. He did not seem impressed with the request and yet he aced the hole. One fact(ish) that was missing from the commentary is that Stadler is bringing Moomoos to the game of golf.
  • Have a 10-second memory: Jon Rahm is taking a page out of Ted Lasso's playbook...be a goldfish! He's giving credit to his good play on leaving the memory of bad shots in the parking lot.
  • Go home USGA, you're drunk!: Apparently, the USGA is thinking about banning drivers longer than 46" and Phil "I've got a big stick" Mickelson is none too pleased about it. Remember that time we were hitting 300+ yard drives? Us neither. We also don't remember most rounds after the front nine so who actually knows what happens on the back.


Nancy Lopez making buttoned cuffs cool way before Mickelson tried with his Mizzen+Main BS. Come to think of it, Phil started to grow his hair out a little more than usual as well. Phil, you're no Nancy Lopez—she's a 10 and you're a 9 and three quarters.


This just takes the whole "golf elitism" thing to a new level. A putter that can only be used by someone named Paul. If all of us non-Paul's band together, we can fight this!

Also, here are some photos of the Scotty Cameron Tour Only (elitism much Scotty) Phantom X T11.5 Circle T 360G. What a simple and beautiful name...really trips and face-plants off the tongue.


Wow! And here we thought Golf Galaxy's club prices were getting out of hand. $5,000 for a used 3-wood that doesn't work, as reported by the former operator of said 3-wood. Add to that, this thing may have more road rash than our faces after crushing an Appletini and telling Mr. Ditchburn that his swing resembles a goat trying to hump a football in a phonebooth.

"Be respectable, Ditchburn, and do that in the privacy of your own home, not out here where everyone can see. You're giving the juniors night terrors, we've seen some women go home crying, and the entire Men's League is on anti-depressants!"

Yeah, so there's a used 3-wood off the New Jersey Turn Pike somewhere worth $5,000.


Beautiful colors to match a beautiful swing:

Looking for a pop of color to your golf attire this fall? We're talking subtle and beautiful not your retina-burning, vomit-inducing, your-pants-are-brighter-than-the-sun, your-shirt-gives-me-the-shingles, I-bought-these-at-a-buy-3-get-7-free-sale fluorescent look. Sorry, that may have come out wrong. If you want to look stylish and not so much like a Cirque du Soleil performer, check these Men's and Women's fashions out.

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