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Nelly Korda is a sniper on and off the course, DeChambeau is a lying POS, and Acushnet increased their net sales 108%...so they got that going for them which is nice.

🛩 Air Miles rewards oh my!

🥇 Nelly Korda is sweet but she's a beast on the course!

🎯 How far do you actually hit your 9 iron?

💰 Acushnet sales are up 108%!


Nelly Korda Shoots To Kill

One had to be impressed with the second round display put on by Nelly Korda at the Olympic’s. At least the first 17 holes where she was 11-under par on her round, until a dreaded double thwarted her run to 59.

Alas, we understand trying to get a round into the clubhouse. We're usually passed out under a tree on the 15th and wake up with the sprinklers.

The drive for 59 was a harbinger of bigger things to come as she edged the field on the way to gold.

It isn’t like success arrived overnight like indigestion from too many gas station hot dogs on a road trip:

  • Three time winner on LPGA this year, owns 8 career professional wins
  • Won her first major at the 2021 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship
  • Entered the Tokyo Olympics ranked as the number player in the world
  • Member of the 2019 Solheim Cup team, going 3-0-1 in a 1-point loss to Europe

Prior to turning professional, she was a decorated amateur player:

  • Member of the 2015 winning Junior Solheim Cup team
  • Won two events in 2015 and was named an AJGA Junior All-American
  • Made the cut at the US Women’s Open in 2013 at the age of 14

She is playing this week in Japan with her older sister, Jessica, who also qualified for Team USA:

  • Jessica is currently ranked 13th in the world, owns 6 LPGA wins herself
  • Only the third pair of siblings in history to win on the LPGA Tour

In addition to the other half of “Team Jelly”, the Korda family is littered with athletic talent

  • Father (Petr) former tennis player who won the 1998 Australian Open
  • Mother (Regina) also a former pro tennis player, competed at the 1988 Olympics
  • Brother (Sebastian) ranked in the top 50 in men’s tennis, recent ATP event winner

And we thought our family’s prowess and competitive zeal for shotgunning beers and competitive eating was some to behold.

Nelly is not all golf, all the time, she is also an avid gamer. Favorites of hers include Call of Duty and Modern Warfare; her game as of late has very much been, shoot to kill.


  • One Major, One Gold Medal, 2 other wins: as Alicia Keys once said to us "This girl is on fire, this girl is on fire!" She flubbed a couple wedge shots and then rattled off three straight birdies to become and Olympic Gold Medalist.
  • Mickelson's new weapon: Phil likes to tinker with his gear, his swing, his diet and so it comes as no surprise that he's got a new piece of tin in the bag. Mickelson put a new Callaway Odyssey in the bag and it has 4° because of his forward press. We have a putter that has a few degrees on it...we call it a chipper and it's right next to our ball retriever.
  • DeChambeau got caught in a lie: and his colleagues at the office are calling him out. "I yell fore 99.9% of the time...except I don't know how percentages work so..." (our words). Bryson hit his ball into the crowd again and didn't yell fore and a couple of European Tour players called him on his BS.
  • 18 putts over 18 holes: yeah, so, 18 putts, 18 holes? No, ONLY 18 putts over 18 holes. Cameron Smith rolled in 18 putts over 18 holes that included 4 zero putts. Didn't know those existed except when we quit the hole after pumping 3 OB off the tee.
  • Show Me The Money: Acushnet reported second quarter net sales of $624.9 million, up 108.3% year over year and year-to-date net sales of $1,205.7 million, up 70.1% year over year. That's 202 million in golf balls, 165 million in Footjoy gear, 153 million in golf clubs and the rest just "gear"...in three months!
  • The Shark Shaped Course: Greg "The Shark" Norman is taking his logo to the max...making a shark shaped golf course in South Australia. It is very much not a publicity stunt. Norman's ego is as big as our beer gut...both take a lot of hard work to grow!


Vidal Sassoon missed a sponsorship opportunity here in 1975. No hat sponsor required...let it flow boys. Let it flow.


This is a straight up What's Not In The Bag because these are too good for us. Too. Good. Or maybe it's that our game is not good enough for them. PXG has developed new 0311 ST Gen4 iron models that look oh so good, even if we can't get the ball airborne. Plus they start at $349 per club.


Justin Thomas has traveled a couple miles in the last month. He's 1,314 miles short of traveling around the circumference of the earth. To think that it use to take roughly 15 days for a PGA Tour pro to travel from New York to England to play in The Open Championship.


Rhapsodo Launch Monitor

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