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Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians out there and...Happy...July 1st to the American's out there. Your day is coming...in like, 3 days.

🏀 Why does Michael Jordan gamble so much? To pay for his drone beer delivery service.  

🧐 Phil is caught screwing with Bryson's clubs!

🍺 Harris English helps bettor turn $15.50 into $1.36 million!

⛳️ Nelly Korda is literally a trained sniper (being very liberal with literally)


The crown jewel of Michael Jordan’s legacy might be The Grove XXIII, that sprawls across an old citrus grove near Hobe Sound in Florida.

The golf course itself is a stunning piece of work by Bobby Weed Golf Design. It’s not your typical 9 out 9 in routing. No, no, it’s laid out in a double helix formation offering a variety of playing scenarios.

Four nine/nine combinations or three to six-hole loops, which would be perfect to settle any bets still tied on the 18th green.


There are a lot of reasons to beg for an invitation to No. 23’s playground— gorgeous golf course, state-of-the-art clubhouse, rubbing elbows with celebs, and drone delivered beer.

"Here comes the beer drone", has a different ring to it than "here comes the beer cart".

It’s a one upmanship that Jordan has been doing his entire professional life...

  • Food & beverage delivery by drone
  • 35 MPH golf carts
  • Caddies on fat tire scooters
  • Less than 100 members
  • Receive a Championship ring if you eagle No. 6...seriously

Like his 6 & 0 record on the court, we expect this venture to be a slam dunk. Come on we had to elbow in one basketball pun.

Mickelson just moved into the area from California which leads us to believe betting is allowed on Bushwood The Grove XXIII property.


  • Bettor almost "craps pants"...probably did: a bettor in the UK turned a $15.50 six-leg golf and soccer cross-sport parlay into a $1.36 million pay-day. What did it all come down to...only an 8 hole playoff between Harris English and Kramer Hickok.
  • Will Wilcox got 8-years: more than he expected out of his pro career. Wilcox hinted on Twitter that if he didn't "ball out" (his words) in his last two events on the KFT that he was hanging up the clubs. We're not sure if "balling out" is the proper dresscode on the KFT.
  • Phil bends Bryson's club: for reals. Phil pulls a club out of Bryson's bag (while he's hitting bombs) and bends the shaft over his knee, then puts it back. Whenever we "try" to bend our clubs over our knee they end up snapping in half, it's the damnedest thing.
  • こんにちは (Kon'nichiwa): that's hi in Japanese. Since we're on the topic of sake here is the full list of Menrepresenting their countries at the Tokyo Olympics and here is the full list of Women.
  • Cheap Premium Golf Balls: here is a list of the best premium value golf balls you can buy and then immediately fire into the bushes. Or you can send us the money and you can use one of the 37 Pinnacle Golds you have sitting in your bag.
  • Tom Brady is the GOAT: he's also a horrible golfer. Unlike us, he doesn't buy premium "value" golf balls. No, he buys just the premium ones and then gets them personalized. THEN he fires them into the bushes for other people to find. Hey Tom, just send us the money and you can use one of the 37 Pinnacle Golds you have sitting in your bag.
  • Top 100 under $100: since we didn't parlay $15.50 into $1.36 million we're looking at some inexpensive but still nice golf courses to play. Oh, you didn't win the lottery either, well then here's the list.
  • Geriatric qualifies: Dick Mast (70) shot a 65 to qualify for the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open. We checked to see if he was allowed to play from the forward tees because of his age and, no, he played it back with everyone else. All jokes aside, that's an outstanding accomplishment.


Jim Thorpe keeps cool in these hot temperatures by...well, just being cool. If there were any more unbuttoned buttons on that shirt we'd be able to tell if Jim had his belly button pierced. We're guessing no.


Nelly Korda has been the topic of conversation lately. Why? Because she's a straight-up assassin. Here, she hits her three wood like we hit our 4th putt...close.


Garia Golf Carts is just out here making your standard $73,000 golf cart.

This thing is possibly nicer than our own car. It's street-legal, so yeah, nicer than our car.  14-inch aluminum rims. Hand-stitched leather seats. Speakers on the roof. It also tops out at speeds of 25 miles per hour. And it keeps all your beer cool with its built-in fridge.  

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