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We hope you had an amazing weekend and aren't suffering any consequences for your actions. Or you've already suffered for them and have fully recovered.

🚜 Rebuilding a golf course from the 1st tee to 18th green

🚬 Why are private courses always across the road?

🍺 It would be really tough to have a 6 pack of PBR and ride this around

⛳️ This would be the ultimate way to stage a playoff!

How do you relocate the greatest 18-hole golf course?

That’s not actually happening with The Lido. The course was originally built by C.B. MacDonald and Seth Raynor on the coast of Long Island in 1917. Declared “the greatest golf course ever” by Masters Champ Claude Harmon. It was neglected during WWII and officially closed in 1942.

  • It spanned 115 acres
  • They moved 2,000,000 cubic yards of sand (with shovels and horses).
  • Read that sentence again...2 million cubic yards. With shovels and horses.
  • A not-yet-famous Dr. Alister Mackenzie inspired/designed the 18th hole (provided winning entry in a design competition).

The original Lido was a complete manufacturing of the land

Every hump and bump, swallow and swale was orchestrated—so it’s only fitting that they are doing the same with this re-imagination.

The Keiser family, known for resorts Bandon Dunes and Cabot Cliffs, is behind the construction at another one of their famed resorts- Sand Valley in Nekoosa, Wisconsin. Three hours outside of Milwaukee.

They’ve commissioned famed course designer Tom Doak to attempt what no other designer has done in history—recreate an entire golf course from the first tee to the 18th green. This includes the routing. Hazards. Even the shaping of bunkers.

Doak will use the 3D digital model that amateur golf historian Peter Flory assembled over three years using historical information and photos.

At a cost of 16 million dollars, it’s going to open as a private club across the road from the Sand Valley Resort. Resort guests will have limited access on certain days of the week.

Why are private clubs always across the road?

We’ll never know if the re-creation is close to the original but with the Keiser's passion and Doak’s intimate knowledge of McDonald and Raynor’s designs, it’s going to be spectacular nonetheless.

One thing they can’t recreate is the salty ocean spray in the middle of Wisconsin.


  • Pro shot and killed: a golf pro in Georgia was shot and killed after a pickup truck drove onto the Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw, Ga. Our hearts go out his his friends and family. If you'd like to join The Starter Shack in contributing to a gofundme set up by family friends please donate here.
  • Who's in the Open: a list of players currently in the Open. Did you know that there are 44 different ways to qualify for the Open? Us neither. Remember when Ben Curtis won the Open Championship...that was weird.
  • Moonlight Basin: a hole-by-hole breakdown on the course that will host The Match. This place looks absolutely ridiculously gorgeous! We don't care about The Match but we'll sure be tuning in to see this golf course.
  • Rickie's grumpy: Fowler is not pleased with the R&A and how they're handling the covid protocols. His argument is that the pro's have to jump through a bunch of hoops but they're going to let 32,000 fans (and probably one or two streakers) run around the course willy-nilly.
  • Speaking of Willie: Matthew McConaughey talks about his big purchase after his first Hollywood pay check and how many times Willie Nelson sparks a spliff during a round.
  • 72 holes without a bogey: and then he put a square on his card and it was all over. Joaquin Niemann was part of another wild playoff weekend and he didn't fair too well, making his first bogey of the week on the first playoff hole. Dang, that hurts. Know what else hurts...triple bogeys. We see those all the time and you don't see us crying...in public.
  • Phil and Bryson are media haters: Bryson had nothing to say as he stormed off after a missed cut without talking to the media. And then Phil was angry at the media for dredging up old news. Geez, they should try writing a newsletter. We have to find the articles that the media writes and then say something profoundly silly and then link back to the actual article that has all the journalistic integrity...not easy!!!! Throw us a bone guys!


Our weekend...rally caps and darts...how was yours?


Viktor Hovland has stuff in his bag and he's sharing it with the world. How many balls does Viktor carry compared to you? How many training aids does he carry...more than we thought.


How about this for a good time? Players pick the playoff holes? Would probably be a logistical nightmare for fans but it would be an epic battle if you had a long bomber picking par 5's and a sniper picking par 3's. Imagine playing TPC Sawgrass's 16th and 17th over and over. Yes, please!


Finn Scooters allow you to "play ready golf that can cut playing time in half" says CEO, Rick Reimers. Uuuummmm, ol' Rickie here hasn't seen us in action after a late night drinking Bud Light Seltzers and smoking clove cigarettes.

The best part about these scooters is that you can ride directly to your ball instead of sitting in the cart watching your riding partner wait for the green to clear before chunking it 5 yards. That'll rattle anyone. Attach your bag to the front. Go off-roading...where your ball likely is. Race your crew to the green. Run over that guy that waits for the green to clear and then chunks...think about it, it's an option.

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