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Did you watch THE MATCH? 480 yard drives were on the menu with a nice side plate of 392 yard three woods.

⛳️  golfer shoots a 56 (stop with the, what'd he shoot on the back nine...that's our joke)

💩  she got a 2 'cause her caddy took a 1

🧨 Remember the BOOM BOOM Driver

😏 Mickelson's three biggest regrets

Hit & Giggle Season

Golf’s Silly Season is here. Much like a San Francisco summer, it's short-lived.

From a few months at the end of the old golf season, these money-grab “hit and giggles” have been replaced by over-hyped single pay-per-view contests.

“The Match(es)” isn’t a unique phenomenon from the past 2.5 year; the idea of having players compete in a more “fun” setting has been around decades:

Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf

  • original ran from 1961-1970, mostly head-to-head stroke play contests
  • revived from 1994-2003 by Golf Channel through Nicklaus Productions
  • intimate with player’s dialog throughout, condensed into an hour for network TV
  • often featured superstars of the day competing for bragging rights

Skins Game

  • ran from 1983-2008, in Nov/Dec during old tour “off-season”
  • 4 players, match play, win a hole outright for a skin (ties lead to carry overs)
  • mic’ed up players, laid back vibe -> aka “Silly Season” monicker
  • Fred Couples is Mr. Skin(s) -> 5 wins, $4.4M, 77 skins overall

Monday Night Golf

  • ran from 1999-2005, revived for 2012, all involved Tiger Woods
  • played in Prime Time on a Monday night, variety of one-on-one and team events
  • winners took home lion’s share of prize money

The Match(es)

  • four made-for-TV matches thus far: $10M match (Phil vs. Tiger), plus three team events
  • Phil has played all (2-2 record), $9M winnings (all-time Silly Season winnings leader)
  • last three events for charity (Covid-19 relief, HBCU, Feeding America)

KP for the deed to your vacation home!

While debatably entertaining, what would make things truly interesting is if a series were created where these millionaires put their own millions at stake….you know, like us mere mortals haggling over a bar tab after the round.


  • Viktor Hovland hounded by 100's at course: what was supposed to be a leisurely round of golf back home in Norway turned into a gathering of 100 or so fans. A father and son drove 7 hours to watch Hovland beat it around the course. Imagine spending 7 hours in a vehicle...with your dad.
  • Joel Dahmen takes YouTube tip from playing partner: who happened to be former world number 1, Jason Day. Dahmen's caddy reported the interaction on twitter. We've taken tips from our playing partner who is a cousin of an aunt on our mom’s side twice divorced, who used to be married to a guy who went to a driving range once.
  • Her caddy used a cart to go number one and she was given a number 2: Sharmila Nicollet was given a two stroke penalty when her caddy jumped on a cart to go to the restroom. Her caddy (who is a female) felt horrible and stated that if she had a d!ck to whip out (her words), she would've just gone in the trees. We've got a better solution down in the GOLF GEAR section. Okay so it may not a "better" solution but we're not here to problem solve.
  • College golfers can cash in on themselves: thanks to the new NIL rules the USGA and R&A are allowing college golfers to cash in on their likeness. In other news, The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices is now allowing plumbers to market and cash in on their talents and namesakes. It's about damn time!
  • Mickelson’s three big regrets of his career: somehow don’t include hitting driver on 18 at Winged Foot in 2006 and embarrassingly lose the US Open. We feel regret just having to type that out. His regrets include candid answers at Ryder Cups.
  • Golfer fires a 56…in 18 holes: carry on, read the article, our brains have that spinning wheel thingy happening when your computer freezes trying to comprehend how anyone can do this without 56 mulligans. And even then.
  • Charles and Tom siting in a tree: here are some highlights of The Match at The Reserve at Moonlight Basin. Charles was crushing on Brady, Brady was hitting bombs like darts, Dechambeau was hitting 480 yard drives, Rodgers was sinking winning putts and Mickelson was trash talking.


Hunter S. Thompson liked to play golf in a sailors shirt and corduroy shorty shorts. I guess if you're zipped up on acid you'd wear almost anything and not really care. According to the Esquire article, Hunter had a 12-gauge shotgun in his golf bag, Heinekens in a cooler, a fifth of Chivas, a fifth of Jose Cuervo, limes, a fifth of Dewar's, and an extra cooler of ice.

Sounds like Tuesday Night Men's League.


Remember the BOOM BOOM Driver? Here is a look at what Freddie Couples carried in his bag when he hit No. 1 in the world in 1992.

Driver: Lynx Boom Boom9
Fairway wood: Ram Laser
Irons: Lynx Parallax
Wedges: Cleveland 588
Putter: Ping Anser
Ball: Maxfli


Tom Brady with a bomb and dart (sounds like a John Daly drink) during The Match. Brady hit a 392 yard drive that ended up 10 feet from the pin. Which you'll see is just inside of Bryson's ball. The only way we're driving a ball 392 yards to 10 feet of the pin is if we get in a cart and literally drive it 10 feet from the pin.


Stadiumpal would've saved Sharmila Nicollet from getting a two stroke penalty.

If only her caddy had a d!ck to whip out (her words). One question we had ...would this count as an extra club and would you get a penalty for having it in the bag?

Also, how does this product actually exist? Did the person who thought this up only play on links courses where trees /shrubs /bushes/ hills/ corners/ blindspots/ wide open spaces didn't exist?

We can't believe we're giving you a link to this. If you buy or currently own one of these, can you send us an email with a link to your psych evaluation.

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