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That's right, twice in one week! Three actually.

We've received such a great response from our weekly newsletter  (thanks mom!) that we're increasing the frequency to three times a week — Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. We understand that might be too much reading for you, we get it. So, we've made these shorter and funnier'ish.

🌱 We were today years-old when we learned the Super League is not the Premiere League

🤷‍♂️ One golf club...two billionaire members with big hearts

💃🏻 A one-legged warmup session

👞 Do you know what a kiltie is?


The Very Best Super Premier Golf League Tour

We were today years-old when we learned the Super League is not the Premier League. And to make things even more confusing, the Premier League is also NOT the Super League.

The Premier League originally had investors from the US, Europe, and Saudi Arabia but the Saudi’s left a Dear John Letter and started...you guessed it! The Super League.

Apparently “Premier” was already taken.

The main differences between PGL and the SGL:

  • PGL is adopting F1 format with 18 events all over the world (10 or so in the US)
  • SGL will play 10-12 tournaments in the Middle East
  • SGL is paying out massive $30 million contracts

That’s where the differences ultimately end since the Super League is essentially ripping off the Premier League.

The Premier League will payout eye-watering purses of $20 million a week.

  • 4 Million to the winner
  • Last place gets $150,000

Compared to PGA Tour purses of $15 million per week:

  • 2.7 million to the winner (on average)
  • Last place gets...oh yeah zero dollars and a hotel bill

Phil Mickleson was reportedly offered $100,000,000 to lead the charge and jump ship. His response:

Show me the money! No it was, "I think the fans would love it because they would see the best players play exponentially more times."

That’s not a yes, but that’s not a NO!

PGA Tour Commissioner, Jay Monahan, stated that anyone who joins the Super Awesome Saudi Arabia Golf League will be canceled, effective immediately.

The PGL is trying to take a different approach by trying to have an open and honest discussion with the hopes of working with the PGA Tour.

No player has reportedly committed to any of the Super Premier Fun Leagues. Yet. But there has been some expressed interest.


  • Angel Cabrera and Masters Champ ain't no angle. He was extradited from Brazil to Argentina on Tuesday to face charges of assault, theft, illegal intimidation and repeated disrespect to authorities. He'll have to Zoom in for the next Champions Dinner.
  • Jürg Randegger played 14 rounds on a 6,472 yard course in 11 hours and 22 minutes to set a new Guinness World Record. At the same time we tried to drink 14 Guinness...we forget everything after #7 and had to buy new pants.
  • Every putter used by a winner on the PGA Tour in 2020-2021…I don’t see the Titleist Bullseyes. I demand a recount, this is a conspiracy! Did your putter make the list? Not your actual putter dumb dumb.
  • Even the pros do it! Colin Morikawa did what we do on a per round basis...he whiffed the ball. The big difference is he did it in front of thousands if not millions of people...we do it in front of friends, which is 10 times worse.
  • Roooaaaadtriiiiiip! Are you hitting the road on an epic golf trip this summer? If so, here is a list of the best golf courses in each state...according to someone.
  • Rickies out...by one shot. That's two out of three majors missed this year...so far. He's only got us by one.
  • Documentary Series coming to the Golf Channel called "From Many, One" giving behind the scene access to the PGA Tour. We're pretty sure we've got the title wrong because there is no way someone would call this "From Many, One". What?


Is it just us, or was Jordan's hat put in the dryer by mistake? Once you notice it's two sizes to small you can't not see it! 🎶 Big man in a tiny hat 🎶


Robin Hood, Men With Clubs

From the outside Congaree Golf Club looks like any other elitist golf club. Built by two billionaires Dan Friedkin and the late Robert McNair. Who happen to be the only official members.

On the inside, it’s home to a life altering golf camp like no other for financially disadvantaged high school students.

The site of this week's PGA Tour event, Congaree is home to the Congaree Global Golf Initiative (CGGI). According to PGATour.com, it’s a program that transforms lives via equal parts education and game-improvement, with the aim of getting kids college golf scholarships

What do these kids experience:

  • Golf instruction
  • Club fittings
  • TPI assessment and personalized exercises
  • Guidance on the mental aspect of golf

That’s just the golf aspect. This program is also geared towards getting them golf scholarships...the legit way...you know, by knowing stuff.

CCGI provides:

  • SAT prep
  • Time-management
  • college placement

“What I like about it is we’re helping kids make a decision to commit to education,” says CGGI Executive Program Director Bruce Davidson.

Seeing students move on to top colleges, Davidson is planning to expand the CGGI model to other parts of the world.

So let us throw this out there—if someone doesn’t have their GED are they eligible...no matter their age? Asking for a friend.


Pre-round warmup? Yeah sure, if you consider sprinting to the first tee with a cart bag over your shoulder filled with 63 Pinnacle Golds, three forgotten brown banana's, a weeks old egg salad sandwich, 7 warm Bud Lights and a full bottle of Advil...then yeah, we warmup. We should be taking a page out of Patty Tavatanakit's range session that includes shots off one leg.


Adidas has come out with a golf shoe that has an upper made from  50% recycled material and 50% from the 1970's.

Remember when you had that flappy thing on the front. Apparently it has a name, "Kiltie". Yes, like the Scottish Kilt. This shoe garnish was supposedly to help keep dirt and debris off the laces. Nothing, we repeat, nothing, can keep dirt off the laces where we venture on the golf course.

Regardless of our "dirty" game, Adidas released the Stan Smith Primegreen Special Edition Spikeless Golf Shoes. Glad they kept the name short.  

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