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Let's be perfectly clear, we thought this weekend was a complete snooze-fest in the golf world. We may or may not have spiced up these headlines...you'll have to read on to know for sure.

🌱 Did Titleist put the wrong ball in the wrong sleeve?

🧐 Korn Ferry player punches another Korn Ferry player...in the face

🍺 DJ regrets his life choices

⛳️ Pro bogeys last three holes to lose by one but didn't choke (his words)

Pro Hits Wrong Ball, Titleist Investigates

We've been known to hit a Pinnacle Gold into the bush and finish the hole with a Pro-V1. Mark it a par, dude. That's how we roll.

Apparently this is a big no no when you're playing for more than lukewarm PBR's at the turn. And if you're Mark Hensby, it can be quite costly.

After dumping his third shot into the water at the fourth hole (sounds very familiar), Hensby dropped a ball and continued to play. He played four more holes with the same ball until he noticed his ball was not his ball.

Here's where it gets interesting.

He apparently picked up a fellow pro's ball on the putting green. Much like but nothing like when we pack our bag with range balls at fancy country clubs we never get invited to.

It gets even more interesting.

Hensby didn't come to this conclusion on his own. Titleist all but hired the CIA (no they didn't) to conduct an investigation into where this mystery ball came from.

They were worried that a rogue ball might have found its way into the wrong sleeve. That would've been a marketing nightmare but hey...

Any press is good press right?

Not if your players have to assess a two-stroke penalty to their score for every hole they played with the wrong ball. In Hensby's case...that would've been five.

Which equals 10 strokes and keeps Hensby's 5-year missed cut streak alive and kicking.

We feel very optimistic that we would've dumped a fourth ball in the water at the fourth and never known that we hit the wrong ball in the first place. It pays to suck sometimes.


  • All hail the MUNI: these lists aren't just for the fancy courses with sparkling water and a spritz of lime in their water coolers...it's for the muni's as well. Actually it is just for the fancy courses...thsiis the first Top 30 Municipal List by Golf Magazine- ever.
  • 50 Best Public Courses: not that this is a competition but MyGolfSpy put out a list that was compiled by the golfers for the golfers. 27 of  50 states did not have a course on the list...including Alaska. Also our math may be way off.
  • A stiff shaft is a stiff shaft, wrong: and we're not talking euphemisms here. For the Gear-Heads out there, just because your shaft is labeled R,S,XS doesn't mean it performs like one. Especially if their EI Curve is different. Whatever the hell that is.
  • Mickelson is information overload: Charles Barkley finds Phil a tad annoying. Granted this is coming from someone with one of the most annoying swings.
  • He didn't choke!: Chesson Hadley doesn't want to call his closing nine meltdown a choke, that's far too negative...for a grown ass man. The PGA Tour will be withholding his prize money in place of a participation trophy.
  • DJ is a freaking millionaire: he's now number 3 on the all-time career earnings list with $71,605,482.00. Correct us if we're wrong but this is more like a phone number than a bank balance...(716) 054-8200.
  • Every Winning Driver of 2020-21: We collected the data (actually Golf Digest did) so we can bring you the fear of missing out. Every winning driver this season that you now think you need.


Never Forget!

"Take the appearance fee, they said. You don't have to do anything for it they said."


No Participiation Trophies Here

Sunday at the 2008 US Open was the beginning of something amazing...an unexpected long weekend.

Golf Digest took us down memory lane with some pretty stellar facts about that Championship and here are the cliff notes :

  • Tiger, Phil, and Adam (Scott), World 1, 2, 3 were paired the first two days.
  • Tiger doubled the first hole Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Welcome to planet earth Eldrick.
  • Kevin Streelman led after day 1...remember the guy that Mickelson snubbed after his PGA win earlier this year...yeah that guy.
  • The now famous call by Dan Hicks “EXPECT ANYTHING DIFFERENT?!” when Woods buried his putt on 18 on Sunday
  • Was the last 18 hole playoff in US Open history
  • It went to one extra, sudden death playoff hole
  • Woods won...if you were wondering.

Alex Meyers put together 33 things you don't remember over at Golf Digest.

One thing Alex missed was spending a Monday eating cheese whiz and crackers and drinking Old Milwaukee in our underwear so we'll add it here. Check.


OH SNAP! Let's be clear here, this didn't happen after the round. This Tomfoolery happened mid-round. Golf is getting weirdly aggressive.The Korn Ferry Tour is the new NHL, except you get arrested when you punch someone. Yeah, that's right, dude got arrested.


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