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Golfers grab your remotes, it's THE US OOOPEEEEEN!

🌧 Is Andy Pope, the Rainman of US Open qualifiers?

🧐 Tiger Woods 2008 run of wins is ridiculous

💰 You too can play a US Open course for only $980/night

⛳️ Phil stopped the earths rotation on Monday


Andy Pope, The Rainman of US Open Qualifiers

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before - who’s ranked in the 1100’s in the Official World Golf Rankings and is joining the world’s elite this week? Answer: The Pope, errr, Andy Pope.

Who is Andy Pope you may be asking?

A quick rundown:

  • turned pro in 2006
  • bona fide mini-tour grinder
  • played off/on the KFT since 2012, currently ranked #100 (and 1133rd in the world)

Why are we telling you about Andy Pope?

Pope has an incredible run of US Open qualifying over the past six years:

  • since 2015, qualified for 5 US Opens (no qualifying events in 2020)
  • actually made the cut in two - T70 (‘15), T58 (‘19)

He’s missed fewer cuts in the last six US Opens than he has on the KFT in May and June of 2021!

With last year’s event at Winged Foot not contesting qualifiers, he polished up his two Titleists and wrote the suits and toupees at the USGA for a special exemption based on his qualifying prowess.

NEWSFLASH: he was told to shine up his player's badges and shove....well, regardless we applaud the effort!

In what is always known as golf’s ultimate meritocracy, it’s guys like Mr. Pope that maintain that everyman type of feel that the US Open conjures up.

Is the Starter Shack cheering for guys like Andy? Does Pope Francis wear a big hat and speak Italian really well? We rest our case.


  • Green Reading Books Outlawed: at least Rory thinks they should be. He's also on the advisory board and not supposed to talk about it but he did so we feel this is all but a foregone conclusion. Wouldn't help out game anyway!
  • Bryson Declined a Brooks pairing: and then his agent declined the suggestion that they declined the Brooks pairing. And now we're declining his assertation that they declined declining the invitation...with zero evidence of course. Now everyone keeps talking about how they have to earn their pairing— like they haven't already earned it by trash-talking and giving away free booze.
  • ESPN writer really wants a fight: Kevin Van Valkenburg wrote an open letter to the USGA on why they should pair Boss Hogg and Bo Brooks. His argument...the USGA likes messy (I mean look at Mike Davis' tenure) so why not give the people what the USGA does at every US Open—give us messy.
  • Brooke Henderson's caddie/sister out...for a little bit!: Brittany won't be caddying for Brooke for the first time in 5 years. Who is Brooke without Brittany? That’s like Jack without coke. Webb without Smails. The 90’s without hairspray. Samuel L. Jackson without swear words.
  • Olympics anyone?: is it weird that no one is talking about the pending Olympics? We don't have a link to that conversation...because no one is talking about it!
  • Golfers Paradise: from the people that brought you Cabot Cliffs bring you Cabot Saint Lucia. There are a whole lot of hell yeses here in the office. Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw are building a course on the rocky outcroppings of the Caribbean. Can we get a cart with one of those mini umbrella's, thaa-aanks.
  • Phil's US Open prep: It's wildly different than John Daly hitting a few putts, drinking 3 Big Gulps, and smoking a pack of cigarettes. Mickelson shut off his phone and is no longer tweeting. If you felt a sudden jolt on Monday morning, that was the earth's rotation grinding to a halt.


We're not sure but by the look of Broc's expression, we think he just walked in on his parents "playing naked Twister". Either that or he had one too many chimichangas before this photoshoot.


It Costs How Much To Play A US Open Course?

Here are some facts about the US Open.

  • The first US Open was played in 1895
  • Not the oldest in the world, The Open started in 1860'ish
  • There have been six back-to-back winners
  • Oakmont has hosted the most at nine
  • There are six US Open courses you can play
  • There are zero Masters courses you can play (not sure how this got in here)
  • Los Angeles C.C. will host for the first time in 2023
  • The USGA is moving to "anchor sites" for future Opens
  • Horace Rawlins won the first US Open and was awarded $150, a gold medal, and custody of the U.S. Open Trophy for one year.
  • $1,322 plus, to play the next three public courses holding a US Open
  • Torrey Pines - $252  has free accommodations in the parking lot (BYOC - bring your own car)
  • Pinehurst No. 2 - $495 and you need to stay at the resort
  • Pebble Beach - $575 and you need to stay at the resort starting at $980/night


One word: wowee. Okay, a couple more words...17 wins in 28 starts! Yes, we counted all the "1ST" so you didn't have to.


Footjoy puts the sic in classic

Here they've taken your regular white Premiere Series shoes and...well, they've added a little "sicness" (sorry we're reaching here). Nothing too flashy, much like our golf games. So clean, nothing like our scorecards.  So smooth, nothing like our swings. Colorful, just like our language.

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