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🚀 Kevin Na sent a ball to space

🧐 Matt Wolff only makes 5 pars and shoots one under

🎁 Have you got a present for your Dad

⛳️ Did you hear—Johnny Miller shot a 63!


BREAKING NEWS: Johnny Miller Shot a 63 In The US Open

Let's call it what it is, "Johnny Miller's Unforgettable 63". Why is it unforgettable—because he never lets you forget.

Johnny mentioned his 63 every chance he had when he was in the commentary booth. Just like we bring up our bogey save to break 100 that one time. But what we never really got from Johnny were all the details at the same time. So here they are.

He came from six strokes back!

You don't come from six strokes back, playing one of the toughest courses in the US, with mediocre golf:

  • he only missed two fairways
  • he hit 18 out of 18 greens
  • he had 29 putts
  • he birdied the first four holes
  • birdied 5 of 7 holes in the middle... 9, 11, 12, 13, 15
  • Nine approach shots came to rest within 15 feet of the pin
  • three of those were with 4 irons

What the hell is a four iron? Is it like a nine wood?

We also can't forget that this was not the John Deere Classic, this was the US Open at one of the toughest golf courses in the US.

  • Oakmont Country Club: course rating, 76.9
  • Only 23 players have finished the tournament under par...ever
  • they've hosted 10 US Opens
  • Also, it was the freaking final round!
  • Hello pressure, is that you?

Let's not forget that he also lipped out for birdie on 18.

And just like that, you now know the story behind why Johnny Miller always talks about his 63, 'cause it was awesome. Also here is an hour and 22 minutes of his final round.


  • Matt Wolff ain't perfect: the young gun took some time away from the tour to recalibrate. We do that every year when it starts snowing...hasn't helped our game.
  • How Mike Davis ruined changed the US Open: If you've ever listened to Mike Davis talk after a US Open that players criticized, you'll often hear him use the change in wind direction as an excuse. It's weird. Here he talks about how he wasn't afraid to take some risks.
  • It was the wind's fault: in case you were curious...1)  Merion 2) Shinnecock Hills Golf Club 3) Erin Hills 4) Congressional
  • Brooks has done it again: Brooks has entered the weekend like Travolta used to enter discos...with swagger baby!  Koepka started the weekend in the top 10 in a major for the bazillionth time. It's Friday, we don't have a research department but we're confident enough to put that number in writing.
  • Bryson video bomb: Bryson poked Travolta on Thursday!
  • The best of the best: Golf Digest lists the 15 best US Opens ever.
  • Completely Unnecessary: the beer line at the US Open stretches into another world. One without beer. How does this type of thing happen in 2021? The world is opening back up. We can attend events. We get to hang out with other people. We need beer to do that!
  • Ashworth is the GOAT: the man behind Ashworth golf apparel that Freddie Couples made cool was behind the survival and revival of Goat Hill Park. A little municipal course not far from Torrey Pines...here's the story from Alan Shupak.


Okay, $100. Best of three. Unless you're winning and then best of five or...seven. Ready? One, two, three...ROCK! HA HA HA! Damn, is that paper or are you holding your scissors sideways?


Kevin Na, sent this flop shot into space! When we first saw this we thought maybe the camera operator was drunk on the job. We quickly realized after watching 8 times that he was not. Well played sir. And well played sir.


Only having 5 pars on the card is very much like our score. We had to add a second entry into the INSIDE THE ROPES section because this card looks so much like ours. If you replace all the circles with squares, it's exactly like our.


"Pullover! No, it's a cardigan but thanks for asking!" —Dumb & Dumber

Step up your dads golf attire with one of these snazzy sweaters. It's not going to lower his scores. Not with his over the top pull slice abbreviated follow through thing he has going on. But at least he's going to look good while he's fishing his ball out of the pond in front of the 18th hole patio with the ball scoop you got him last year.

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