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And just like that, Phil is 0 for 30 at the US Open.

🌱 Jason Gore and Mike Davis played in the US Open and they didn't have to qualfiy.

🧐 Louis Oosthuizen has done what in major championships?

🍺 Streaking at golf tournaments is alive and well!

⛳️ Nelly Korda likes winning


Mike Davis Faces His Own Work...As A Caddy

Anybody looking for a US Open marker? Not the commemorative mementos from the souvenir shop.

We’re talking about a non-competing playing partner for a player sitting DFL but still making the cut.

In the US Open, an unpaired player making the cut (but DFL), has the option of playing with someone:

  • Due to an odd number of players making the cut
  • Mimics a normal pairing
  • Technically they “mark” down the competing player’s score
  • Ultimate goal -> stay out of the competitive player’s way

Jason Gore was paired with rookie Akshay Bhatia for Saturday’s round at Torrey Pines. Jason Gore? Who?

  • In final pairing at 2005 US Open
  • Currently the USGA’s player relations director

Wait, it gets crazier - Gore’s caddie was none other than outgoing USGA CEO Mike Davis.

This was probably the most helpful thing Davis has ever done at a US Open. Considering his penchant in butchering US Opens with his heavy handed course setups.

This also must be the only time ever that somebody smiled in Davis’ presence for over three straight hours.


Prior to the round, Gore told Bhatia:

  • tee off first every hole if preferred, ditto when putting out first
  • Gore was willing to just pick up his ball when putting to maintain pace

Factoid 1: Gore shot +6, far from Saturday’s worst score

Factoid 2: Bhatia and Gore grew up in the same town (Valencia, CA) and Bhatia remembers Gore practicing at the local course during his playing days.


  • Louis Oosthuizen WITB: he may have lost the US Open but the consolation prize ain't not so bad. I mean, these Ping Blueprint Irons are not the US Open but they are so smooth and sweet and soft...we're considering making love to them.
  • Rickie Fowler lost his virginity: he and his wife celebrated by getting pregnant.
  • Bryson in the dark: No, seriously, Bryson was hitting balls in the pitch black. We're not sure if he was testing out how the ball would react in the dark or if he was just getting more reps in. Also, he's not responding to our inquires.
  • Oldest in history: Richard Bland held a two-stroke lead after the 2nd round, making him the oldest US Open leader in history at 48 years young. Then the US Open said, wtf, this guy is old and wrinkled let's beat the crap out of him.
  • Totally forgot: Jon Rahm won the US Open...in case you haven't read any articles on the matter, this is a good one that covers it all. Top to bottom, side-to-side.
  • In the tree, eh?: Mackenzie Hughes' ball got stuck in a tree. This is not uncommon but maybe a little less common on how it got there. Through the tree, off the cart path, back up into the tree. And that's a double-bogey.
  • The Olympics!: we finally found an article about the Olympics! Justin, Collin, Xander, and Bryson are all off to Tokoyo. The only notable that we know of that declined is Dustin Johnson. He has an Ikea couch being delivered that week and unfortunately, they gave him a large window for delivery. Totally understandable.
  • Travelers Championship: apparently there's another golf tournament already scheduled for this weekend. Huh.
  • Ding Ding!: Nelly Korda becomes the first LPGA player to win multiple times this season. This is not unusual for her...her favorite hobby is winning.


We had so many great pics to choose from this weekend, and then this came across our desk. This is not fake news...these are as real as Phil not winning a US Open. These are from the mad mind of Bryson Dechambeau. We sh!t you not.


Close Only Counts In Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Do we have to say anything other than...ouch. That stings. Louis' response..."I'll keep knocking on that major door" (via @PGATOUR)


Yes. That is a "streaker" wearing a cape. So not technically a streaker. They ran onto the fairway and hit a couple shots before taking a couple shots from the Po Po after taunting them with a very, what can only be described, as free form dancing.


Adidas brought back Shooter!

Shoes, hats, gloves, gold jackets, hats, hoodies, sandals, hats. Adidas is helping Happy Gilmore celebrate 25 Years with some ultra buttery swag. Even you old guys can get in on this. If Shooter McGavin cab sport a gold jacket you've got no excuses. Seriously, Shooter "eats pieces of shit for breakfast", you're more refined than that.

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