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Would you rather have a pretty swing or a swing that delivers results? This is an interesting question as I think there would be a lot of people who would pick pretty swing and not necessarily care where the ball goes.

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The Feeling vs The Look of Greatness

Louis Oosthuizen was recently asked about his five favorite swings. Louis could have just said “Mine”. Nobody would have questioned it (he apparently had to exclude himself).

Louis’ list and explanation of their relative ranking:

  • Retief Goosen, Rory McIroy, Fred Couples, Ernie Els and Adam Scott
  • Pretty solid swings, the only issue in a potential mash-up is who can putt in this group

A recent random poll of PGA Tour players had many of the above, with additions:

  • Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, Hideki Matsuyama

Other best of lists look remarkably similar, with the most pleasing swing going to Anne van Dam (no relation to Jean Claude van Damme, amateur disc golfer)

  • The LPGA is full of great swings, Lydia Ko as a prime example
  • These are actual swings to emulate for the everyday golfer who isn’t a plus-handicap

While the process of assessing and ranking swings is usually an “eye of the beholder type of thing”, a listing of all time great swings is littered with the usual suspects, including all-time rhythmic swings from folks like Payne Stewart, Gene Littler and LPGA icon Mickey Wright.

Golf is certainly an aesthetic sport, but one’s swing need not look good, ideal nor perfect in order to place a small ball in a slightly larger hole. In fact, some very successful golfers have made a good living swinging a club in odd and unusualways.

Current players with “distinctive” swings - Jim Furyk, Bubba Watson, Matt Wolfe, Hung So Choi

Dipping into the archive of professional golf, we really get to see some nuggets:

  • Eamonn Darcy - looks like a man picking a five-pound note from a grate with tongs
  • Jim Thorpe - a swing with “more moves than Kung Fu” according to Johnny Miller
  • Allen Doyle - hockey start in college, brought his slap shot to the Champions Tour
  • Miller Barber - swings resembles a man trying to open an umbrella in the wind
  • Nancy Lopez - she said her swing was “no uglier than Arnold Palmer’s. Ouch!

We’ve saved the best “own your swing” master, Moe Norman, possibly the greatest ballstriker of all time.

  • A technical description: club gripped in the palms not the fingers, legs spread wide apart, very short backswing and follow-through - not the prettiest, but very repeatable
  • Moe’s description: Pure as the driven snow, no effort at all, the swing is only three feet long (the business area), “The Master Move, The Feeling of Greatness”

We tend to agree with Moe and “the feeling of greatness”.

After all, if you required an attractive swing to play golf, we would likely get charged double the green fee rates to even be able to set foot on a golf course.


  • Come here often?: A PGA Tour player was asked if he was a caddie by another PGA Tour player. Youch! Hiroshi Iwata promply went out and mopped the floor for a clean and tidy 63. Take that other PGA Tour player...whoever you are...mystery person!
  • Impressive Streak: this is something our dry cleaner says to us but we're not talking about that we're talking about all-time impressive golf streaks. Kathy Whitworth won a tournament every year on the LPGA for 17 straight years (Jack and Arnie did the same on the PGA).  We all know Byron Nelson won 11 tournaments in a row but did you know that he went 65 straight events (4 years) placing inside the top 10.
  • Mental Health is real: and is being discussed a lot as of late. Paul Casey's caddie, John McLaren is taking time off due to mental health issues. Matthew Wolfe took time off due to mental health. Rory spoke to it at the Olympics. With a huge surge in golf, Superintendents are feeling it. Lizette Salas opened up about it earlier this year.
  • Does alcohol affect your game: what a dumb question...of course it does. We gain about 25 yards...on our slice. We attempt the hero shot...even on 3 foot putts. We try and jump the creek in front of the 7th green (that's right we're blasted and still on the front nine). Golf Digest made a video where they sent golfers out to golf and drink.
  • I'll take two of those and one of those...: the equipment trucks that stalk the PGA Tour around the country are chalk full of goodies but how much? Here is a little taste...38 iron sets, 1,620 grips, 350 wedges and so much more with a rough price of about $750,000, as reported by Golf.com.
  • Super Premiere League: eight players have asked the PGA Tour to play in a Saudia event in 2022. This tournament is run by the princes of the desert behind the Super Golf League (what a terrible terrible name). The League that is the Dr. Evil to the PGA Tours Austin Powers. The PGA Tour has stated previously it will deny requests...and so we wait.
  • Counterfeit Sticks: 21,281 counterfeit golf clubs were seized during raids in China. Some of the clubs were trademarks of Callaway, Ping, Scotty Cameron, TaylorMade, Titleist and Xxio. Now I understand why our new set of Tittleest Blades haven't showed up.


This is a golf course. This is also an Airbnb!

We knew we should've listened to our mother and become a doctor! Instead, we took The Studies of Industrial Packaging as our major. Damnit!

This 575 acre Vermont farm has a 26 tee, three green, USGA-rated private golf course in it's backyard. We punched in some dates for 2022 and it spit out a $4,000/night rate. A little more than our regular $35 twilight green fee.


If we were idiots. Let us rephrase that...if we were idiots with money...

We think it would be a prudent move to buy one of each club. For testing purposes, obviously. We'd take one set of everything that Miura makes. One reason might be that that they make beautiful clubs that feel like you're hitting marshmallows when you flush one. The second reason is that we like saying—Miura. Meeeura. Miuuura. Miuraaaaa. Doesn't that just sound nice, even if you don't know exactly how to say it?


That'll be $5,000, Mr. Wade.

Tony Finau gives Dwayne Wade a swing lesson courtside this past week. It looks as though they're working on wrist position at impact. Or we could be way off and they're talking about fly fishing


Do you buy golf gear based on the season?

If so, G/Fore Shoes, G/Fore Hats, and Dormie Workshop have you covered. Take your spooky swing to spooky new levels with some spooky golf gear. That might be too much spooky for one foursome but f&ck it, Halloween only comes around once a year, we should embrace it like all the commercial holidays! Links are attached to each individual photo.

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