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There is a kid out there that is kicking ass and taking names. We're going to stay right here, behind our keyboard because he would definitely kick our collective asses.

😪 Remembering Payne Stewart

🧐 Is Greg the Prince of Saudi Arabia...Golf

🚽 Tour pro locked in the bathroom before the final round

⚖️ Bryson's bag weighs how much?


Payne-ful Loss

For many in the golf world, October 25th is a difficult day. It was 22 years ago that Payne Stewart was tragically killed in a plane crash along with five others.

In our recent “analysis” of all-time great swings, Payne’s was and still is one of the prettiest.

While the memory gets more distant, it’s great reflecting on Stewart’s conflicted life and legacy:

  • played collegiate golf at SMU in Dallas
  • 1979 conference championship medalist, defeating Houston’s Fred Couples
  • turned professional in 1979, joined PGA Tour in 1982
  • won 11 career PGA tour events overall, including three majors
  • spent more than 250 weeks inside the world’s top-10, reaching a high of third
  • Played in five Ryder Cups (going 3–1–1 during these contests)
  • PGA Tour established the Payne Stewart Award in 2000
  • inducted posthumously into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2001

At the time of his death, Stewart was ranked third on the all-time money list

  • $12.6M in career earnings
  • Finished seventh on money list with $2 million in earnings in his last year

Even with an inconsistent career, winning-wise, Stewart stands alone as the only American golfer born in the 1950s or ’60s to win three majors.

Adding some context, Stewart’s the same age as senior stalwart Bernard Langer

  • likely would also have had a long, lucrative career on the Champions Tour
  • sure-fire Ryder Cup captain, sparing us the spectre of “Tom Watson’s 2014 Return

For casual fans, Stewart was known for his wardrobe more so than his golf acumen

  • Started to dress more flamboyantly early in his career in 1982 (influenced by his father)
  • He was reputed to have the biggest wardrobe of all professional golfers
  • Until 1995, he wore the team colors of the geographically closest NFL franchise

Some other Payne Stewart Easter Eggs:

  • “Official” PGA Pro of the Dream Team, repeatedly taking money from Michael Jordan
  • After the 1999 Ryder Cup win, he celebrated red/white/blue pyjama pants standing on the piano smoking a cigar
  • Two years prior to Payne’s birth, his father Bill had played in the US Open at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, he also insisted Payne register for the US Open with his full given name, William Payne

Finally, Stewart was a musician, playing harmonica in Jake Trout and the Flounders (a group including fellow golfers Larry Rinker, Mark Lye and Peter Jacobsen).

One artifact from the crash site was Stewart's harmonica, intact, but crushed flat, and unplayable. It’s sadly fitting that the day golf stood still is also the day the music died for this larger-than-life man.


  • Prince Greg: has The Shark been tapped to lead Golf Saudi as the commissioner, better known as Super Golf League in Saudi Arabia? Norman has believed to be involved as reported by The Quad back in May helping facilitate offers to players. This would be fitting as Norman proposed the World Golf Tour that was shut down by Finchem and then released by Finchem. Is this payback?
  • Oh Crap!: European Tour Pro was trapped in the bathroom before the final round holding...a two-stroke lead. Jeff Winther had to get his six-year-old daughter to pick the lock (probably not) but she did help him and his wife out so Winther could go on to win his first-ever event. If he was crapping his pants, he was in the right place.
  • An Oldie but a Goodie: Bernhard Langer won his 42nd tournament on the Senior Tour which is an amazing achievement. Making it even more amazing is that Langer is 64 and the oldest winner in tour history. Langer's record: 3 PGA Tour wins, 42 European Tour wins, 118 wins worldwide. This guy knows how to get the ball in the hole.
  • Fancy golf shoes: Hideki Matsuyama was sporting some fancy new golf shoes for his latest ZOZO win. A partnership between Asics (known for their running shoes) and Srixon the shoes feature many of the running shoes' best features.
  • Buying & Selling a course: here is an inside take on buying and selling a golf course at auction. Owner puts everything on the auction block (215 acre, 6700 yard, par 72 course plus out-buildings) except the clubhouse! Genius! This guy knows that all the money is at the bottom of that Tito's bottle!
  • Amateurs are taking over: two amateur teens are inside the Top 10 at LPGA Qualifying school. Neither will continue due to their age, being 16 & 17. What next, oh, just going from qualifying school to a junior tournament. What reality are we living in?!


Hideki Matsuyama is your ZoZo Championship Winner!

Hideki is not just cashing checks in Japan, he's taking home a Dyson cool desk fan.


Not So Utility Club

There is so much to unpackage in this photo. We have a full iron set here, including the driving iron—way before it's time. It seems as though the top line can double as your razor blade, in case you forgot to shave before hitting the first tee. And let's not dismiss the dimple pattern sweet spot grooves. We can feel that jolt of jarring pain run up our fingers and into our arms just looking at this.

(via @NewNineGolf)


Savage Fist Pumps:

This kid is a f8$king savage! He looks to be 24 inches tall and will beat the living ego out of you on the golf course.
1. here is 90 seconds of him sinking every putt imaginable a fist pumping the sh!t out of them
2. here is walking in putts from the 50 yard line.
3. routine approach to three feet with a club twirl (knocks in bird)


Hats are important:

Maybe you've heard the saying  "never say never".  In this instance, this saying doesn't apply. As a golfer you can NEVER have too many hats. Never. Ever. Never. Here is a nice collection put together by Golf.com.

*not a sponsored post


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