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An artist named Beeple sold an NFT for $60 million. You can buy a Crypto Punk for 3.54 million that has a top hat and 3D glasses. This "game" will eventually make it's way to the PGA Tour.

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🧐 NFT's on the PGA Tour

👀 Rooftop bar with a view of a 126-yard wide fairway

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Own Your Favorite PGA Tour Memory

The PGA Tour partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a new and vast viewing experience.

This creates the ability to show every shot hit in a golf tournament. Store a “data lake” of archived material of the PGA Tour. While this may mean that you can follow your favorite golfer du jour for an entire round, there may be more to this than meets the eye.

Non-fungible tokens. An NFT acts as a non-duplicable digital certificate of ownership for any assigned digital asset.

In layman's terms, own 10 seconds of Tiger Woods infamy as a video highlight.

We are purely speculating here but what does this all mean? Well, you could buy and sell some of golf’s greatest shots and moments. Think of some of the more memorable shots, where does your mind go:

As a fan of the game, you could actually own these memories in a tangible manner with the possibility of selling your collectible for cold hard cash.

Many of these shots are from events that are not “property” of the PGA Tour per se. Many of these “greatest ever” shots and memories are all found with golf’s other “property curators”:

  • Augusta National (The Masters...sooooo many to choose from)
  • The Royal & Ancient (Peter Jacobsen tackles streaker)
  • The USGA (Tiger ties...2008 US Open)
  • The PGA (Ian Poulter's crazy eyes...Ryder Cup)

One large event that would be on board is The Player’s Championship which has had its share of remarkable moments:

Bryson Dechambeau has gone around the confines of the PGA Tour and released his own NFT Trading Cards.

While there may not be much of a digital market for your back foot, quail high slice into a gaggle of geese, but know full well that there will be—eventually— a market to own and monetize great and memorable shots from the world’s finest golfers.


  • Norman stepping away: from his namesake business so he can devote all his attention on building out Saudi Golf. He's not only going to act as the Commissioner but he's also stepping up as COO.
  • That was the biggest news to come out in the last couple of days and could potentially end the newsletter there...but we won't. We should, but we won't. Honestly, all the big news has something or other to do with Saudi Arabia.
  • Lydia Ko out: Ko will be ineligible for this year's Vare Trophy as she commits to a couple of Saudi events and won't have enough events under her belt to qualify. Ko sits fourth and the three other players in front of her won't be eligible either. HA! The front runner, Gee Chun, is currently sitting fifth.
  • Forgets about $1.2 Million check: James Hahn forgot his Northern Trust winners check in the glove box of his car. That's where we put the leftover packets of sweet and sour sauce for our Chicken McNuggets...we should double-check for any $1.2 million checks.
  • 13 Dumb Things: Golf Digest made a list of 13 Dumb Things about golf. Kind of a weird list for a golf publication but we'll bite: brush tees are dumb, Mulligans are not dumb, shot counters are dumb, staff bags DUMB!!!!
  • Beatles-Themed Golf Course: okay, we found the 14th dumbest thing in golf. Really, do we need a Beatles-themed golf course?
  • Sell or Trade-In: when you upgrade your Northwestern's, do you trade them in or do you go for the almighty dollar and sell them privately. MyGolfSpy has an opinion and best practices on retiring a set of golf clubs.


Best rooftop bar?

Watch people miss the 126-yard wide fairway or walk across the 700-year-old Swilcan Bridge at the Old Course from this gorgeous rooftop patio.


useGolfFACTS is a Twitter account that is presumably run by a Patrick Reed "family member" and they are here to set the golf facts straight.

As reported by Geoff Shackleford the account, without prompting, replied to a two-year-old tweet defending Patrick Reeds Albany sand castle play with "forensic" video evidence. Whoever this person is, if you're reading this, please reach out. We need someone with your commitment, energy, and craziness here at the Starter Shack.


Busting a nut:

Matthew Fitzpatrick busted a nut and crushed a 245-yard drive. Nick Watney crushed a 4 iron from 168 yards and a 7 iron from 120. What's funny about this is that we never did get the numbers for when they were downwind. Guessing this golf course has holes that always play into the wind...we feel like we've played there before.


Winter Golf:

Winter golf is not about being stylish...it's about survival! According to the US Army Field Manual, up to 45% of your body heat is lost through your head, so keep it warm. In our own, most recent study, 45% proof Cinnamon Whiskey will give the effect that your head is 35% warmer than it is and 75% smarter than it is.

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