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⏰ Distances Then vs Now (daaaaa-aaaamn)

🤯 Alex Noren is too sexy for TV

🧓🏻 What is a Mid Amateur?

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The “Professional” Amateur Golfer...A Day In The Life.

What, or rather, who is a Mid-Am?

We were deliriously hoping it was for folks with a middle of the road handicap like ours (an 18-ish, yeah, that works):

  • a player must be 25 years (or older) when the competition starts, no age maximum
  • a USGA handicap index of 3.4 or lower (one point higher than the US Amateur)
  • opportunity for slightly older golfers to compete at a high level
  • removes college players/younger amateurs who have plenty of strong competitions
  • winner gets a Masters and US Open invite as well as the next two US Amateurs

Stewart Hagestad won this year’s contest, the same lanky stalk that won the event in 2016. With a record of 20-3 in this event, he’s more clinical than the proctologist whose appointment you keep avoiding.

  • Played numerous US Amateurs, played in every one since he was in college
  • Played in 3 US Opens (2017-19)
  • Played in 2017 Masters, first Mid-Am qualifier to make the cut (finished T-36)
  • Currently completing his MBA at USC after a career in

These are (somewhat) regular guys/gals that have normal day jobs that carry very low, competitive handicaps.

They are business folk, they are often family-centric, and they can be linked by one attribute - they can beat the living daylights out of virtually any amateur player their age in the world.

A smattering of the jobs and some descriptions of the modes of employments these folks have:

  • Property manager - “although (I) don’t work a whole lot”
  • Financial planner - very common job, and of course, clients love meeting “on course”
  • Sales rep - flexible time to work on their game
  • Insurance business
  • Firefighter
  • Tour manager for punk rock band

Here’s to the Buddy Marucci’s, Nathan Smith’s and Stewart Hagestad’s of the world for upholding the majesty of the amateur side of the game. We’ll hold down Men’s Night for you.

These folks all work, then practice like it’s a second paying job, all without the glory of a million-dollar payday or endorsement deal.


  • $10,000,000 but no wins: You can make a good living as a touring professional, even without winning. Here is a list of 10 players who've cracked the $10 million mark without lifting a trophy (besides the participation trophy). The youngest on this list is 30...we think he's got some potential to not only be a tour winner but he could be the next Pantene spokesman.
  • Australia has it all: Golf Week published a list of their Top Modern International Golf Courses. It just so happens that 6 of the 10 courses are in Australia (3) and New Zealand (3), 3 of which come from the mind and imagination of Tom Doak.
  • Remembering the 10 greatest putters: not the people, the actual putters themselves. Remember the Bullseye (we do, we had one), remember the Wilson 8802 (we do, we had one), remember the Ping Anser (we do, we had one), remember the Ram Zebra (we do, we had a terrible knockoff). Our putts per green are a telling sign we've been through a lot of putters but here are the best putters.
  • "MEMBERS BOUNCE!": is what this lucky pro got. Except his shot bounced off a neighborhood pub and back onto the course. Side note, does anyone else get annoyed when you hit a terrible shot, it hits a tree, bounces back in the fairway 50 yards off the tee and someone yells "MEMBERS BOUNCE!". We want that ball to end up 300 yards in the bush when we hit it that bad.
  • Ballerina Sevesteros: is how a member of the British Parliament introduced the great Seve Ballesteros. This little gem and a mountain of others are revealed and polished in the 90-minute documentary celebrating the late Spaniards life.
  • "Keep shooting pars, asshole!": did you know that the idea for Tin Cup was spawned from the famous Chip Beck layup on 15 during the '93 Masters? Neither did we! Golf Digest goes deep on how this movie came together and ultimately becoming a classic.


Now vs Then

Kyle is wearing a belt on his shoulder and Ben's pants are pulled up so high he doesn't need a belt. Other than that, I'd say things are pretty status quo. Oh, and Kyle hits his PW as far as Ben hit his 4 iron. If that doesn't make your brain have a mild seizure, you're mentally stronger than us.


We don't know what HOT METAL is but, damn it's hot!

Mizuno states: the JPX921 has the most complex face geometry to date. Our playing partners say the same thing to us when we miss a 14-inch putt to save double bogey.

Apparently, the Hot Metal irons pair Mizuno's fastest ever ball speeds with a piercingly straight ball-flight and controllable landing angles. We could debunk all of that with one swing but whatever, we'd buy them 'cause they look good.


Too sexy for TV

It was reported that this shot might be too sexy for TV viewing audiences. Wondering what separates us from the pros (besides the private jets) is shots like this.


The Mad Hatter:

Much like Alice In Wonderland, we've eaten magic mushrooms too, albeit, ours were found behind the cart shed after a disastrous Men's Night.

Also, here is a super cool Mad Hatter putter cover from the talents of Thistle Leather Goods.

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