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🤬 Patrick "Peed-Off" Reed

🧐 PHIL'S IN THE RYDER CUP...according to Justin Thomas

🎯 What you have to shoot to play college golf

🍑 Colonoscopy tool or  Putter


Take a Vacation...Golf Did

Wow, what an incredibly slow week in professional golf in general (we couldn’t even rip off the good stuff from Golf Digest or Golf this week, Boo-urns!).

It is like everybody is on vacation, avoiding work and responsibilities, including us.

The annual rites of fall are here:

  • FedEx Cup playoff and PGA Tour wraparound season...Done!
  • Annual USA vs. Europe event...completed and another soon to start
  • An awkward, newsless, single week off until a new PGA Tour season starts. Hello Napa wines!
  • Middle age bozos, full of booze and unrealistic golf goals, getting a last round in with buddies (we try not to write about ourselves but we can’t help it)

There are bound to be a down week or two (literally), and here we are. We know have some time to fill our heads with some new knowledge, some great reads, or some best-of lists to help us plan that next awesome trip with the boys, err, we mean the missus and the in-laws (yeah, yeah, that’s what we meant).

Top 25 Short Courses in America

10 Best Courses in each region of the US

Top 59 Courses in Canada

The perfect Bloody Mary (now we're talking)

Best golf vacations for couples! (we did it, we were romantic!)

Guide to the best Halfway-House Grub

Best summertime buddies trips

Top 100 Value Courses in US

Best Value Courses in Canada

Practice making your pimento cheese deviled eggs

10 most sensational mini-golf courses in the world


  • September 11, 2001: Golf Digest has written some quality articles (unlike us), and so they're better equipped to deliver their most memorable 9/11 stories.
  • Patrick is Peed off: Reed hasn't hid his displeasure for not getting picked for the Ryder Cup Team. WHAT?! We're SHOCKED (insert sarcasm)! This kind of behavior is in line with reports that P. Reed burst into Tiffany & Co. corporate headquarters when they stated that bracelets should not be worn around your neck (we are confident this is not true but must report all stories)
  • PHIL'S IN!: Justin Thomas pulled a silly little prank with some golf fans. Our favorite prank? Shooting 105 all year (wink wink) and then crushing the C Flight competition at the Club Champ with a blistering 98. Boooya!
  • How long to get my clubs?: in 2019 it took 8.3 days to get a set of irons...today...53.2. Let's be clear, we're talking about club manufacturing not club storage at your golf club. Covid and the surge in golf have caused a shortage and backlog of golf gear.
  • Ridiculous Stats from 2021: have you ever made 22 one-putts...in a row? No, but we've made at least 22 three-putts in a row! How about a geriatric hitting 35 consecutive greens in regulation?
  • Retiring at Bushwood?: before you sell your bungalow and Winnibego to buy your dream home in your favorite golf community in retirement, here are some thoughts to consider.
  • Want to play college golf?: We know you're getting long in the tooth and college golf is but a past dream...but what if? What if? Well according to Junior Golf Hub this is what you have to shoot to play each division. Sooo you're saying there's a chance? No? No. That sounded like a definitive, no.


Three bedroom, 2 and a half bath for rent...in Jordan's left pants leg. There is a quaint duplex for sale in his right.

The mustache to pants ratio is way off.


This antique putter looks eerily similar to a tool we saw and maybe felt during our annual colonoscopy appointment. We waddled Men's Night that week...in case you were wondering.


Patrick is Peed off: Reed hasn't hidden his displeasure for not getting picked for the Ryder Cup Team. WHAT?! We're SHOCKED (insert sarcasm)! This kind of behavior is in line with reports that P. Reed burst into Tiffany & Co. corporate headquarters when they stated that chokers should not be worn by men.

We are 99.9% sure this is not a true story but as god-fearing newsletter writers (of the highest caliber) with the integrity of a pub toilet, we must report the news as we see it.


wordsRay-Ban sees everything

Are you an Instagram junkie who likes to capture their playing partners' shanks on video? Or maybe you like to catch them dropping a ball in the woods when they think nobody's watching? Or better yet, maybe you like to stream that all-meaning 4-foot putt on the final hole? Well, that would probably qualify you as a bit of a creep, creeping on your playing partners like that but, Ray-Ban can make your creeping not just easier but better with their new "smart" glasses.

We're not just delivering golf news...we're delivering the creeps.

*not a sponsored post


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