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Two players with a combined age of 92 will be playing on the European Ryder Cup Team! Can Harrington trust players of such a crispy age. What happens if one of them displaces their hip or forgets to take their back pill, or worst yet, forgets who they are. Disaster.

🤬 Phil is still poking the USGA bear.

🏆 Oh Billy Billy Billy

🥊 Fits like a glove (spice up your style)

👀 Old Psycho-eyes is back


This Calls For The Old Billy Baroo!

Billy Horschel spoke highly of the quality of the BMW Championship at Wentworth this past weekend, comparing it in quality and history to the PGA Tour’s Players Championship.

As Judge Smails once uttered - “Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy. This is a biggie!” Smails, you were correct, and you’re still a terrific slouch.

Barule, err, Horschel, after pleasing the golf gods, went on to win the event with a nugget of wedge on the 72nd hole:

  • first American winner of the BMW PGA Championship since Arnie in 1975
  • Currently in 4th place for the Race to Dubai (could be the first American to win it ever)
  • Passed over for the Ryder Cup
  • He may be the 13th man for Team USA at the Ryder Cup

As William noted, the BMW PGA Championship is a big deal, in fact it is no slouch (terrific or not)

  • Long considered the crown jewel of European Tour events
  • Besides the World Tour Championship, it draws the best field annually
  • The last event for earning Ryder Cup qualifying points

European players take umbrage at the fact that it falls so close to the Ryder Cup. This would be akin to playing the Masters over Thanksgiving weekend; folks will still show up and play, but it takes some luster away from the proceedings.

Speaking of Augusta, the club that hosts the BMW PGA is also no slouch, in fact, Wentworth Golf Club is considered British elite; shorts that are bit too tight in the seat.

  • European Tour headquarters onsite
  • Hosted the World Match Play Championship (1967-2007), 1953 Ryder Cup
  • Home of the BMW PGA Championship since 1984

Wentworth shares a zip code with Windsor Castle

If you are looking to join the club, make sure to bring some form of certified cheque. The new Chinese-backed owner of Wentworth looking to create an “Augusta of the UK” requires a £150K debenture on top of a stunning annual due of £13K.

Rich, snobby elitist clubs aside, we still really appreciate Horschel and his desire to play more golf in the UK.

He’s playing the Dunhill Links event with his old man as part of his 70th birthday gift. Sorry, Dad, you will have to make due with the gift card to Sizzler and the new pair of socks we got you this year.


  • He's one of us: baggy jeans and a 1/4 zip that fit like a trash bag sunk the putt heard round Minnesota. Relive the moment a US fan sinks a putt at the 2016 Ryder Cup after being called out by Henrik Stenson. We feel like we might be related to this lovable knucklehead.
  • Why cheat?: shouldn't all rules favor the golfer? We don't mind a mulligan...or 5. Gimmes as long as our liquor store receipt (that's long). We always carry a couple "extra" balls in our pockets. If you call that cheating then shame on you...you'll probably love these stories then.
  • Old Psycho-Eyes is back: Ian Poulter will be playing in the Ryder Cup which means we get to see him scream, and shake, and clench his fists, grit his teeth, and go red in the face. This makes for a really funny bathroom joke. Poulter and Garcia were handpicked by Harrington to round out the European Ryder Cup Team.
  • Shoots 77, makes Ryder Cup: we just wanted to quickly point out that 48 year old Lee Westwood didn't need a Captain's pick, he made the Ryder Cup on his own merit. Also, he shot 77 on Sunday at Wentworth. What a confidence-boosting round to finish on.
  • Looking for investors: there is a private island that backs onto a golf course that is for sale at a discounted rate of $200,000,000. If you'd like to invest/donate $200 mill please contact us at news@startershack.com. We'll throw a BBQ and call it even.
  • Whistling Straits from above: here is aerial footage of all 18 holes at Whistling Straits, 2021 Ryder Cup venue.
  • "You English Pr!ck": Tommy Fleetwood prepares himself to be battered by the US fans at the Ryder Cup. Do what we do at Men's Night Tommy: shotgun a beer, rip your shirt off, get Ian-Poulter-Psycho-eyes, and challenge everyone to a fight, even the cart girl. Guaranteed no one will heckle you. In fact, they'll go out of their way to avoid for 2 to 3 months.


We don't know what the hell they're looking at that's so interesting, do they NOT see the frilly tassels on the cart roof. This sh!t has us mesmerized.

But we're also disappointed that those gorgeous persimmon woods are not protected by some soft headcovers. We think anyone who walks around without headcovers on their woods is a sociopath of the psychotic level.


Ian "The Conductor" Woosnam (If that nickname takes off, we want full credit and royalties)

Driver: Maruman Conductor
Fairway wood: Maruman Conductor
Irons: Maruman MB
Putter: MaxFli Tad Moore

The last time we saw someone play a full set of clubs from one manufacturer was AJ and his 1983 PowerBuilt Citations: Driver, 3-wood, 4-wood, 5-wood, 3-SW, putter. This set also included a brown 93lb vinyl golf bag that held another 64lbs of Pinnacle Golds.


Phil Mickelson is pouring gas on his displeasure with the USGA and their "anticipated" shortening of the driver.

Here's a thought; what if they shortened the long bombers drivers based on how far they hit the ball. Wouldn't it be funny to see Bryson swinging a 24" driver and Luke Donald hitting a 72" driver? Even Steven there boys!


Asher Golf:

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