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We've been patiently waiting since the end of the golf season and then the start of the golf season and now it's here. The Ryder Cup!

👕 Ugliest shirts ever

🧐 Golf club or fire poker?

🐦 Max Homa is the GOAT on Twitter

⛳️ Every club being played at the Ryder Cup


Hey Ma! Look At My Ugly Shirt!

We love controversy. It creates awkward and uncomfortable situations...similar to a wedding. The difference is that we get to see it all play out on live TV. It's really like an episode of The Real Housewives of LA or, The Bachelor or, Holey Moley where Rob Riggle makes fun of you because you didn't sink the putt after running a gauntlet.

Here are some of the most controversial moments at the Ryder Cup caught on TV (youtube):

War on the Shore: Seve & Jose call out Zinger & Chip for changing balls during their match.

War on the Shore: Calcavecchia's total meltdown. From being 4 up with 4 to play, missing a tap-in at 17, and ultimately choking the pooch.

The Early Celebration: Justin Leonard's putt dropped, team USA rushed the field green to celebrate, only to realize that Olazabal still had a putt to tie the hole.

Battle of the Ugly Shirts: let us not forget the hideously ugly shirts that Mrs. Crenshaw had a helping hand in picking/designing. We can't imagine what kind of drapes Ben has in his house. Here's what each player did with their shirts...Tiger burned his over Christmas.  

Phil & Microphones: in slams Tom Watson after the US get's beat for the 8th time in 10 Ryder Cups.

Justine has Patricks Back: Patrick Reed's other half went on a twitter brigade to explain what exactly was going on in the War Room on Team USA.

Reed Peeved at...?: Patrick Reed was upset he wasn't paired with Jordan. Or no, he was peeved that he didn't know he wasn't playing with Jordan. No, he was peeved...hmmm. Let's just say Patrick is always upset.

Moliwood: this is not so much controversy as it is...well, two grown men in bed with the Ryder Cup.


  • Mizuno clubs: The Japanese club makers have made some new clubs! Coming out in October is their new driver...the ST-G 220. This thing is like a Swiss Army Knife...it has it all. Adjust for draw, fade, high, low...and 4° of loft! From 7° to 11°...so you can hit more worm burners or more sky balls.
  • Snoopy II: drone footage of every hole at Whistling Straits.
  • Every Club & Every Ball: here is a list of every single club and every single ball each player will be playing during the Ryder Cup. One thing we noticed was that no one is playing a Pinnacle Gold. Really surprising to not even see the Noodle Easy Distance listed.
  • We would be remiss: if we didn't give the full list of clubs of the Euros. No Northwestern blades, we see. Amateurs! You think they would, at the very least, list the manufacturer of their ball retrievers.
  • Whistling Straits Construction: The Fried Egg does an excellent presentation of the figure 8 routing at Whistling Straits. Interesting fact...the crossover holes on the figure 8 are par 3's. There you go. Take that nugget to Men's League and you'll look like a genius. Or a giant corn cob pipe smoking dweeb.
  • He should have a statue: Anthony Kim came into the 2008 Ryder Cup guns blazing (figuratively) and set Team USA's competitive hearts on fire! And then he vanished like a fart in the Wisconsin wind. Where oh where did Anthony go.


“Here's Johnny!”

This reminds us of that time a friend tried to psych us up to rob a bank so we could afford to buy a dozen ProV1's and a Tiger Woods mock turtleneck. To say we were on the verge of tears was an understatement. His mad-cow eyes almost convinced us...then we remembered we just bought two dozen refurbished Pinnacle Golds and backed out. He's serving 20 and we're hoping to bring our handicap down to a 20.


Yes, this is in fact a golf club. A whole golf club in its entirety. There is nothing missing nor broken about it.

We thought the same thing when we first saw it...someone bronzed their childhood hockey stick and then broke it when they used it as a fire poker.

Then we noticed the misshaped and somewhat moldy pierogi sitting beside it and knew it was a golf club.


The best of Max Homa...by Max Homa himself.

Without the billboard uniforms, we probably wouldn't be able to pick out celebrity golfers either.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

Dormie Workshop creates some absolute gem headcovers out of old stuff. Here they take an old Wilson Ball Glove and make a driver, fairway, and putter cover. We sent them out Aunt Lillies favorite babooshka to be turned into a valuables pouch and some homemade polish sausage...we didn't expect to get back what we did (the sausage was a gift, not to be implemented into the valuables pouch).

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