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This morning's newsletter is a little different. It's all about the great shots at the Ryder Cup. It's also about the worst shots.


We thought we'd sum up all the great shots from Sunday and some of the not-so-great shots!

Speith-taculous: Jordan Speith hits an impossible shot from the gnarly rough at a 90° angle. It was very much a "hit and hope" shot...like all our shots.

Houston we have lift off: Bryson DeChambeau put all his haters in place. And that's because he lined up his tee shot on number 5 right over their heads on a ridiculous line on his way to bombing a 417-yard drive...in the fairway.

Whatever you can do...: Bryson DeChambeau drives the first green on Sunday. He doesn't just roll it up on the green like Rory and Xander...he flies it on and holds it.

...I can do better: Then DeChambeau snaked in the damn putt. If you've been reading this newsletter for any amount of time you know we love taking the opportunity to take the piss out of Bryson, but he put on a show that would rival any of our favorite Tom Cruise movies.

Blinded by the dune: Paul Casey couldn't see the pin. Heck, he couldn't see the green. But that didn't stop him from making a beauty of an eagle. We usually see 3 greens and several pins after a handful of spiked Arnold Palmers.

Down but still out: Sergio had moments of brilliance like this chip to tie the hole with Bryson.

Comparatively speaking: this chip by Paul Casey would be categorized as bruuuuutaaaaaaal. We've hit shots like this but we have several legitimate excuses.

He won but still: this lip-out from Jordan Speith was absolute robbery. The cup should've been handcuffed and hauled off to jail. Here is a close-up look caught on CCTV.

Gimme a double: JT knocks in a double breaker from off the green. This would've been a great opportunity for JT to show off his 15th club...The Chipper.

Neck Stomping: Morikawa tried to stomp on Viktor Hovland's neck on the 225 yard 17th hole named Pinched Nerve. After watching the flyover this hole should be called the Pinched Sphincter...cause it's scary.

Give me my cart path club: right? Cause we all carry that punch out iron, like the one Cantlay used from the cart path to 15 feet.

Sliding across the hood: you know in those cop shows when the super cool detective slides across the hood of his car? Xander Schauffele did the same thing but golf style.

The Rahmbo: Jon sucked his ball back like we suck back Old Milwaukee.

In the feels: not gonna lie, seeing Poulter breakdown got us right in the feels. It was probably his realization that this was his last Ryder Cup and they had their pants pulled down in front of the girl they liked. But Poulter will walk away with an impeccable Ryder Cup record.

If you fail the first time: Viktor Hovland tried the left-handed bush getter outer and failed. These couple minutes looked a lot like our Men's League.

Although there were some amazing shots there were equally if not more terrible shots. And let's be honest, there should be. If you're playing partner is safe in the fairway or safe on the green, it's go-time, baby! 14 minutes of all the worst shots put together, including:

  • A snap hook over Lake Michigan by Tommy Fleetwood
  • A stab chunk wedge from Bernd Wiesberger
  • 10-foot putt by DeChambeau followed by a 10-foot putt coming back
  • A Sergio slice only Top Tracer could follow
  • A tiny putt and a big miss by DJ
  • Bryson's 2-foot chip that was supposed to be a 30 foot chip
  • and so many more!


You can take our Ryder Cup, but you can't take our Guuuuiiiiiinness! Or our Bushmills! Or our Jamieson! Nor our Redbreast! Not even our Tullamore D.E.W.. Not our Teeling. Or our Sexton. Sure as hells not our Green Spot! And definitely not our Knappague Castle! Or the Powers Gold Label. Or even Tyrconnell. Or Slane!



Apparently, the presser with Team USA was something to behold:

  • Stricker is getting his ass tattooed
  • Everything Mickelson said, can't be repeated
  • DJ's taking the trophy to bed
  • Jordan ribs DeChambeau's media presence
  • Bryson and Brooksy hug
  • Watch the 30 minute presser here


Wear your team:

In every other sport, you have the opportunity to "wear your team", we don't necessarily get that with golf. Although we did buy a pair of Koepka's underwear on the black market...turns out they weren't Koepka's underwear. Don't ask us how we know.

With the Ryder Cup you can wear your teams jersey, like these Ryder Cup jersey/sweaters.

*not a sponsored post


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