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Now what? We wait until January when the "regular" season starts. Pine for tournaments like the Hero World Challenge. Watch reruns of Feherty? What to do?!

🏆 Worst trophies of all time

🎯 Billy Horschel attempting what no American has done

💰 How to turn $8 into 1 million

☕️ Phil drinks coffee aalllll day!


What Is That In Your Hand?

Pardon us as we move away from Ryder Cup memories and start reminiscing about Sergio victoriously holding his cock, rooster high in the air this time last year.

Trophies are always unique to events, and it got us thinking just how absurd some of them are.

Not every event can be a green jacket and silver replica of an antebellum clubhouse. The listing of golf’s best trophies is a pretty short list, but comprehensive:

There’s even a showing of every trophy awarded during the 2019-20 golf season and the most recently played 2020-21 season. As expected, lots of cups, crystal vases, the usual pedantic collection of expected wares, and then there is the off the wall stuff that gives pure oxygen and jet fuel to newsletters like ours (sadly, some of these are no more):

Lest you think this is just for the PGA Tour, there are unusual trophies and they are seemingly everywhere.

Much like the Sanderson Farms Rooster, just be careful who catches you kissing the trophy and especially the angle the photo is taken at, right Cristie Kerr? This particular photo is almost a crime.


  • Oh Billy Billy Billy: Billy Horschel, a little prickly after not getting picked for the Ryder Cup Team (that inadvertently dominated the Euros...without his help) has set a new goal. To win the Race to Dubai! And then world domination!
  • 42 years ago: Larry Nelson was the last American to go 5-0 at the Ryder Cup and Dustin Johnson matched history last weekend. Only four other people (all golfers) have accomplished this feat: Molinari (2018), Nelson (1979), Palmer (1967), Dickinson (1957).
  • Hasn't been sick in 10 years: that's right, Phil "I won the PGA if you didn't know" Mickelson says he hasn't been sick in 10 years and it's all because he drinks coffee. This brings up a curious question...do red wine hangovers count as being sick? Asking for Phil.
  • Turn $8 into 1 Million: gambler gets all 12 singles matches right (including ties!) and cashes in $966,000. This is by far the best and easiest get-rich-quick schemes we've ever witnessed and we've tried them all. We'll add this to the list for 2023.
  • Full contact golf: we came across an article about 25-year-old Bob MacIntyre who got "caught" playing shinty. Which we then found out was like playing full-contact golf. It's more like field hockey but we can dream, can't we.
  • PGA Tour taking a knee: The Farmers Insurance Open in 2022 will finish on a Saturday so it will no longer compete with the NFC/AFC Championship. This is what happens when people with common sense are allowed to make the decisions.


What putter brand is that? We're trying to figure out how this putter ended up in this advertisement. Yes, this is/was an actual advertisement.

Guy 1: Hey this model needs a putter! Get me a putter!
Guy 2: What kind of putter?
Guy 1: Just get me a putter, any putter.
Guy 2: I think we have something in the Tickle Trunk.
Guy 1: Yeah, fine. It's not about the putter, it's about this plush astroturf putting thingy.
Guy 2: Perfect. Lacoste sneakers and a putter from the Dollar Store. NAILED IT!


We're back baby!

This has all the hallmarks of a 1997 infomercial. Adams is reintroducing the new and improved fairway woods and hybrids with its patented Tri-Sole found in the original iteration. Pricing for these beauties, which may or may not come with pleated pants and an oversized Ashworth shirt start at $149.99.


The poor chap hitting balls beside DeChambeau must've felt like he still had his headcover on.

This kinda feels cheap, like watching Tom Brady play arena football...but still entertaining! These guys get pumped, before and after hitting a shot!


The Swing Whistle:

Gone are the days of cool Ryder Cup swag...welcome to WTF?! Introducing The Swing Whistle.

Hey Starter Shack, why do they call it the Swing Whistle? Good question, it's because it barks when you swing it properly.

The Swing Whistle claims to give you "Multi-sensory feedback to maximize your swing fundamentals". In other words, it whistles louder when maximum clubhead speed is reached. Interesting...any takers?

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