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With the conclusion of the Solheim Cup yesterday, today's newsletter is dedicated to all the women golfers out there.

🚫 The 10-second rule in match play cost Europe a point

🐲 Danielle Kang's headcovers are on fire!

🙍‍♀️ 🙍‍♀️ The Korda sisters are a Wrigley's commercial...double trouble

⛳️  Drama Drama Drama...we live for it!


From Underdogs to Top Dogs

A wire-to-wire win for the Europeans in the Solheim Cup. Convincing, although maybe at times in doubt, a great finish to the ultimate team event in ladie’s golf.

From rookies like County Cavan, Ireland’s finest Leona MaGuire to veterans like Anna Norqvist, this was a masterclass in gaining an early advantage and keeping the momentum going until the last putt is holed.

The final score will show a 15-13 win in the matches for the Europeans (as well as the second victory in the last three events conducted on American soil). What gets a bit lost are some of the side stories both during the event, and especially preceding the matches in Toledo, OH.

Have a quick look at one of Europe’s “elder stateswomen” and her lesson in perseverance:

Sophia Popov

  • American born, German dual citizen, played her amateur golf at USC in Los Angeles
  • announcer for the German broadcast team for the 2015 Solheim Cup
  • played Symetra Tour between 2016-2020, missed 2019 LPGA qualifying by one stroke
  • won three events on the Cactus Tour in 2020 (an Arizona mini tour) to gain status
  • won the 2020 AIG Women’s Open (ranked as the 304th player in the world)
  • Has openly spoke of struggling with confidence and quitting golf repeatedly

Perseverance is never a bad quality to have. And that goes for the victorious Euros as well as the gallant American competitors.

The best part of watching the Solheim Cup all weekend was nudging our buddies and noting what a great fit they would be on our local foursomes in a two-on-two match or with a large team and who’s ass they would kick.

And, fellas, don’t worry, their drives that only go 280 yards won’t be too embarrassing (for them, of course). You will get there by your second shot...if you ignore your foot wedge out of the trees and the mulligan after your topped drive.

What a grand week for women’s golf, team golf, golf, hell, sport in general. This was an event to be applauded and the folks swinging the clubs and cajoling them on should be lauded for putting on an event that rightfully overshadowed the gentlemen’s cash grab in East Lake over the weekend

Ole, Ole, Ole to the Solheim Cup!


  • The 10 Second Rule: is the opposite of the 5-second rule (with our halfway house hot dog)...do not pick up your competitor's ball before the 10-second mark. Europe’s Madelene Sagstrom fell victim to this rule when she picked up Nelly Korda's ball that was "hanging" on the lip after 7 seconds—the hole was automatically awarded to Team USA. This is a lot like when we throw our opponent's ball in the trees after losing the first 8 holes in our 9 hole match play.
  • The Korda's are killing it: a few weeks ago we wrote about how Nelly Korda is virtually stepping on her competition's neck and dominating women's golf. But that trait seems to run in the family.
  • Ranking the players: Golf.com published an article that ranked each player at the Solheim Cup from "You're Amazing" to "You're a total disappointment". Breaking News: a rookie took top spot and one player who didn't earn one single damn point.
  • Lone Irishwoman: Leona Maguire was the first Irishwoman to compete in the Solheim Cup and crushed the competition like a good Irishman (or woman) crushes a Guinness. Maguire went undefeated in the competition sending her last opponent home early with a 5-4 trouncing.
  • Rookie Season: if the 2021 Solheim Cup had trading cards you'd pick up a pack and chew the stale bubble gum like it's going out of style. This past weekend saw 7 rookies competing in the competition. That's so many that we had to unwrap our fingers from the can of PBR that we were drinking so we could count.
  • Recap Central: here is a recap of every singles match.
  • She Said, She Said: some of the most dramatic drama's at the Solheim Cup's past events. We love drama. We live for it! That's why we always show up to Mixed Night as a single!


Deep V-Neck had a completely different meaning at the inaugural Solheim Cup event held in 1990.


You've heard of Party Pumpers, right?

Well, we think Bubba Watson finally found his calling. Bubba was the unofficial official HypeMan for Team USA at the Solheim Cup. Watson was a helping hand at the event where he chatted up players between holes, filling divots, and for some reason lending out his minivan.


Loving or Leaving:

Match 28 on the final day had a little more drama than we're used to. It all went down like this: Emily Kristine Pedersen was competing against Danielle Kang. Danielle Kang's caddie Ollie Brett is dating Emily Kristine Pedersen. See the issue here?

Does Ollie do the respectable thing and hand Kang her three-wood on the 129 yard par 3 or does he crush his girlfriends dreams by channeling Steve Williams and crushing the competition?


Scotty Cameron X Danielle Kang:

If you're really good at what you do, people make cool one-of-a-kind shit for you. Scotty Cameron made these dragon putter headcovers for Danielle. That reminds us; Hey Pabst Blue Ribbon, we're really good at drinking wanna send us some liquid courage

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