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The Very Best Super Premier Golf League Tour

The Very Best Super Premier Golf League Tour

We were today years-old when we learned the Super League is not the Premier League. And to make things even more confusing, the Premier League is also NOT the Super League.

The Premier League originally had investors from the US, Europe, and Saudi Arabia but the Saudi’s left a Dear John Letter and started...you guessed it! The Super League.

Apparently “Premier” was already taken.

The main differences between PGL and the SGL:

  • PGL is adopting F1 format with 18 events all over the world (10 or so in the US)
  • SGL will play 10-12 tournaments in the Middle East
  • SGL is paying out massive $30 million contracts

That’s where the differences ultimately end since the Super League is essentially ripping off the Premier League.

The Premier League will payout eye-watering purses of $20 million a week.

  • 4 Million to the winner
  • Last place gets $150,000

Compared to PGA Tour purses of $15 million per week:

  • 2.7 million to the winner (on average)
  • Last place gets...oh yeah zero dollars and a hotel bill

Phil Mickleson was reportedly offered $100,000,000 to lead the charge and jump ship. His response:

Show me the money! No it was, "I think the fans would love it because they would see the best players play exponentially more times."

That’s not a yes, but that’s not a NO!

PGA Tour Commissioner, Jay Monahan, stated that anyone who joins the Super Awesome Saudi Arabia Golf League will be canceled, effective immediately.

The PGL is trying to take a different approach by trying to have an open and honest discussion with the hopes of working with the PGA Tour.

No player has reportedly committed to any of the Super Premier Fun Leagues. Yet. But there has been some expressed interest.