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The winners and losers of the golf ball industry

The winners and losers of the golf ball industry

You can’t complain about beer prices when your $3 dollar swing is costing you $15+ dollars a round in golf balls.

You pay $65CDN for a shiny new box of Titleist ProV’s. You step up to the first tee. Quick stretch...cause that helps.  And proceed to smash a $5.50 piss missile into the bush.

You’re at the golf ball industry’s mercy.

You can’t continue to play unless you have another ball. Golf balls, like tees, are 100% consumable...eventually. More so for some than others.

It’s been stated that roughly 300 million golf balls are lost per year.

In 2016, Titleist sold $543,000,000 in golf balls, as per their financial report.

  • $323 million of which were premium golf balls...aka Pro V’s
  • Golf balls accounted for 33% of net sales in 2016.

Three facilities collectively produce over 1,000,000 golf balls per day. PER DAY! Thank God, I lost 4 on the back nine yesterday.

If our information is correct (remember, we are not investigative journalists), it costs:

  • Titleist roughly $10CDN to produce a dozen golf balls.
  • They wholesale at roughly $45 per dozen
  • You buy them at $65 a dozen
  • You lose them at an alarming rate

We’ve effectively helped Titleist generate over $4.5 billion since 2000...just from the Pro V line.

The real winners here are the guys that seed the trees with Pinnacle Golds over 18 holes and then load a 60lb golf bag weighed down with premium golf balls into their ‘97 Datsun.

Actually, Titleist/Acushnet is still the real winner here. They also manufacture the Pinnacle golf ball line. From Pro to Joe they dominate the premium ball market share at 37.4%.