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Watch every single shot at the Masters

Augusta National came up with a hair-brained idea...capture every single shot!
Watch every single shot at the Masters

From the moment Dudley Hart stripes his opening tee shot to the moment he taps out for his first green jacket on 18, you can witness the gloriousness of every single shot.*

In 2018 Augusta National blurted out like a drunk frat, “Every Shot, Every Hole”.

Augusta’s roommate, CBS, was hoping that when Augusta woke up with next morning it would've forgotten all about the debauchery. It didn’t. CBS and IBM were then tasked to bring this hair-brained idea to life.

It's one thing to film every shot, it's another to send the footage somewhere. To organize it. To edit it. To upload it. There isn’t some guy running from trailer to trailer with footage in hand.

“I got Tiger putting on five, I’ll be back with DJ hitting his approach on four” — Panting like a Weiner Dog in a Weiner Dog race.

This was bigger than the Super Bowl.

  • Roughly 110 cameras
  • Servers on-site to identify and organize clips
  • 22,118 shots
  • Editors in New York, Atlanta, and the UK
  • Quality control in Los Angeles (weird choice)
  • Back to Augusta
  • Uploaded by IBM
  • Bob is your uncle

The entire process takes about 20 minutes from shot hit to shot watched.

High-fives all around, let’s go for a beer and celebrate. Nope, Augusta—full of swagger and domestic beer—decided that wasn’t enough.

Each player’s round is crushed down into a 20-minute full-round video (talk about pace of play) and wedged even further down into a three-minute highlight reel.

So, really, why watch the live coverage when you can watch a three-minute highlight reel at the end of each day. Music. Fist pumps. High-fives. Sounds like a frat party. Exactly what got us into this mess.

*we would like to make a correction and state that Dudley Hart will not be competing in the 2021 Masters. We would also like to extend our sincerest apologies to any subscribers who read this post and tried to lay down a wager on what would have, undoubtedly, been a splendid performance by Dudley.