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Whistling Straits Is Watching Your Every Move

Whistling Straits Is Watching Your Every Move

Slow play is a real problem. It can lead to impatience. Which leads to fights. Sometimes it can cost you a chance at the US Open (see our top story...up top).

Whistling Straits got tired of the 13th hole Fight Club (not a real thing) and slipped GPS devices in their caddie's pockets.

  • Each caddie carries a GPS tracking system.
  • Acts as a yardage device for the golfers (good cover)
  • Every group is tracked by Operatives Golf Operations

This allows the managers to get a birdseye view of the pace-of-play across the entire golf course. They can then take a proactive role in ensuring everyone finishes their round in 5.5 4.5 hours.

That Marshall that talks so much he's the actual cause of slowplay...? He's fired.

The Managers at Whistling Straits can now identify who the culprits are and where they are before they have to drive out and have that awkward conversation.

"Do you want to move up one tee-box?"
"Nope, I paid my green fee and I want to get my money's worth experiencing the entire golf course!"